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Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips Upgrading Your Love Car

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In the Car performance upgrading file, many vehicle lovers regard the tailpipe as a simple decorative component. Indeed, various materials and processes make the tailpipe add a different style to our cars.

In fact, the tailpipe, especially carbon fiber tailpipe, have become an important issue in vehicle lightweight design in recent years. Almost all automobile manufacturers are trying to combine weight reduction with the use of carbon fiber materials, so as to reduce vehicle weight and fuel consumption.

Magical Carbon Fiber

As we all know, carbon fiber is mainly composed of carbon elements of a special fiber, only after high temperature treatment, carbon content is still more than 90% of the fiber can be called carbon fiber.


This means that carbon fiber not only has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, friction resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance of general carbon materials, but also has significant anisotropy and futuristic color on the shape, can be processed into a variety of shapes, and the reflective effect is more striking.


Unique Carbon Fiber Tailpipe

Because of these specificities, carbon fiber tailthroats also have superior crash characteristics and low thermal expansion compared to other materials, which benefits many modified owners.


In one 2019 China GT racing, a long period of intense driving caused several cars to spout fire from the exhaust tailpipes, and even the exhaust tailpipes were ablated by minor collisions at high vibration frequencies. In order to fix this problem, we propose a modified scheme to replace the carbon fiber tail throat.


The carbon fiber tailpipe can prevent the high temperature to some extent, and then avoid the direct contact between the tailpipe and the rear diffuser, and play a role in damping vibration. From the results of the modification, the carbon fiber tail throat did meet our expectations and completed the severe test.



Although exhaust flaring is not an issue for all vehicles, carbon fibre tailpipe are necessary to avoid the ablation of rear bumpers for cars with high exhaust temperatures.

GRWA Carbon Fiber Tailpipe

GRWA new launched carbon fiber tailpipe, in terms of appearance, adopts 100% carbon carbon shell, with 3K twill. The black surface is attached with clear lines, and the matte visual effect makes the tailpipet look more atmospheric and introverted.

 图片7 图片9

图片8 图片10

From the welding point of view, the tailpipe uses a unique check positioning welding technology, 316L welding rod can make the welding place more firm, the weld does not rust and deformation. In terms of function, carbon fiber tail throat has more excellent hardness, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, which can definitely meet the needs of modified owners.


Finally, don't ignore the exhaust sound , sexy modeling and constantly emitting wild sound waves, driving on the road can definitely attract envious eyes!

Welcome to your joining us GRWA club if any interest !

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