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#A serious talk about modification# For those car modifications you don’t know, there is always one for your(2)

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We mentioned that the current trend of modification is roughly divided into three categories. In the previous issue, we popularized the Japanese style of modification. In this issue, we will continue to expand the remaining two categories.

American Trend USDM

JDM is mainly modified from Japanese cars, while USDM is not mainly based on American cars. On the contrary, it is still based on JDM cars, but it incorporates more foreign cultural elements, which is more like a mix and match style. , Modification match any combination, all according to your own preferences, among which the most popular ones are DUB, Custom and Low Rider.


DUB is the abbreviation of Doubledime, which means 20-inch wheels. This modification style is an extension of hip-hop culture in the modification world. It uses super-sized electroplated wheels and electroplated car decorations to create visual excitement. As the name suggests, as long as you have 20-inch wheels can be called DUB.In addition, heavy bass modification, large-scale garland and body graffiti and gang relief are also its iconic features. In a word, it is exaggerated, extreme, and informal, and it is a catharsis of personality. Many American music and sports stars are keen on this style.



Custom, literally translated means customization. As the name suggests, this is a style made out of nothing. It can be regarded as a representative of the American spirit of modification and the beginning of all American styles. Most of them are based on American antique cars from 1950s, pursuing smooth lines and bright and colorful paintings. The biggest feature is the low body, all white sidewalls, and higher customization space and freedom. In one sentence, it is to reshape the soul of the old car and make it reborn. It can be regarded as a retro trend in other sense. 


Low Rider

Low Rider, commonly known as "Low Rider", this kind of car culture began in Los Angeles half a century ago among black group. Because of their low social status and low income, their cars performance is to buy obsolete old cars and refit them the way I like it.In appearance, lower the car body and draw various totem symbols; In the inner core, the car can bounce by installing a pull-down rod.Imagine a group of people on the street sitting in a car driving and singing a song of freestyle. The car is still "jumping". The average person really can't control it. The black brothers prefer this style so much because it gives them a rap soul in their bones to give them another catharsis.


Regardless of whether it is a Japanese style or an American trend, the modification styles are not completely independent of each other. There are often mashups, all of which reflect the personality of the owner, and they are unique.However, with the development of social economy, the transformation of global production centers, and the rise of the mainland "modification culture", modification has begun to emerge a third mainstream culture --- OEM processing and original brands.

Speaking strictly , the mainland has not formed a standard modification style. It is not so much a style created by "culture", but more of a status and influence driven by "productivity". The modification market is a strong demand market, involving a wide variety of modification components and a wide range of categories. Rather than saying that OEM is a modification style, its more important feature is actually a supplier that connects global modification needs.

OEM and ODMs New Style

With the development of the economy, in addition to the very "regional" style of car modification, global interconnection makes it more and more convenient for more consumers to enjoy "customized services." Because local governments are in need of "environmental protection", unrestrained car modification has entered the category of "quality" modification. The products currently supplied need to go through layers of quality inspections and have relevant certificates that comply with policies around the world and meet regulatory requirements.

With better productivity and production technology, China has gradually become a global distribution center for the supply of refitting accessories. Whether it is OEM or ODM, more brands and accessory brands are more inclined to choose China to cooperate, because they can enjoy better services, and guaranteed products.


  GRWA is one of the domestic refitting accessories supplier brands that are highly sought after by the global refitting industry. In addition, GRWA has a very clear brand location: China’#1 Performance exhaust brand. This benefits from the brand's unique competitiveness in exhaust systems, and also benefits from the influence gained from serving the global market for many years.


Before the global outbreak of the epidemic, GRWA had repeatedly participated in refit brand exhibitions around the world, serving many well-known brands and cooperative agents around the world.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to maintain the competitiveness of its own brand and continue to deliver innovation for the local modification industry, GRWA still pays attention to modification exhibitions and new product exhibitions around the world.PSFor more new products and detailed information, please refer to previous issues),and was invited to participate in 2021AIT.


GRWA once pointed out that with the booming consumer demand for “customization”, major automobile manufacturers have begun to lower their stance and end the battle. But if a refitting brand simply adheres to the idea of “produce good products according to customer needs”, it will eventually become obsolete. As the first brand of modified exhaust, GRWA not only adheres to the “multiple, fast, better, and economical” order delivered by customers, but also prefers to reach a close and cooperative relationship with customers to help each other's brands grow. 


Therefore, we build a sophisticated "design team", not only product design, but also a brand service team to provide corresponding "value-added services" for customers who have just started and have not yet formed an independent brand.


In addition, GRWA's factory will continuously install new production lines and production equipment, always adhering to providing customers with better product quality and faster product services.

If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us~


Topic of this issue:

#A serious talk about modification#——What styles of modification have you made for your car? Please comment on the precious photos and memories in the message!


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