• 2020-09-25

    Updated standard of exhaust system

    Updated standard of exhaust system An aftermarket performance exhaust can free some of the power in your engine. These systems allow for a quicker, more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape. This means your engine "breathes" better, so spent fuel and air exit the combustion chambers faster wit

  • 2020-09-23

    History of exhaust system

    History of exhaust system An automotive exhaust system consists of all of the pipes and other components that are designed to carry exhaust gasses away from the combustion chamber. The development of exhaust system experiences a long history, due to the enaction of some laws or the birth of some cut

  • 2020-09-21

    Development of exhaust system

    Development of exhaust systemToday's automotive exhaust systems are developed to deliver minimum noise, emissions and maximum durability. In addition, they must also meet requirements including artistic appearance, user-friendly packaging, safety and health, flow rates, lower system restriction, hig

  • 2020-09-10

    How exhaust system works?

    How exhaust system worksConcern about our automobiles' effect on the environment has already sparked a heated discussion throughout the society. In face of this, automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers have to keep pace with these changes, and in a similar fashion, a car's exhaust system has to

  • 2020-09-07

    Why is the intake valve larger than the exhaust valve?

    Why is the intake valve larger than the exhaust valve? Engineers have special meaning in designing everything, and so are valves.

  • 2020-09-03

    Why does the exhaust exhaust muffler have abnormal noise?

    Many people's cars have encountered this situation, either when there is a huge blasting sound when starting the car, or when the throttle is suddenly increased on the road. When it appeared, many car owners were worried, thinking that there was something wrong with their car. In fact, the reason for this situation is very simple, and it is not a big problem. Let's take a look at it together.

  • 2020-08-31

    Where should exhaust clamps be placed?

    Unless you have to replace the entire exhaust system, only a few hand tools and standard parts are needed to complete the basic maintenance of the vehicle exhaust system. But what is the part that meets the standard? There are a variety of different components in the exhaust system. In most cases, large parts such as exhaust mufflers, exhaust pipes and catalytic converters need to be cut and welded, so you may not be able to solve them yourself. These main components are not part of the regular maintenance plan, which includes exhaust pads, exhaust clamos and exhaust racks.

  • 2020-08-27

    What is the use of a car with an exhaust tip?

    What is the use of a car with an exhaust tip? Car exhaust tip, commonly known as exhaust pipe sleeve. It is a component installed at the end of the original exhaust. Although the exhaust pipe of a car is a small and unremarkable small part, its "face" also affects the face of the entire car. Imagine

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