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  • 2024-02-06

    Chinese Spring Festival is here! Please receive GRWA’s New Year greetings
    2023 has passed quietly, and the promising Chinese New Year has arrived as promised. GRWA would like to extend its most heartfelt thanks and sincerest blessings to its industry customers and friends who have always given trust and support!
  • 2024-02-02

    The "pipe Brothers" in The Exhaust System: Manifolds And Downpipes
    Manifolds and downpipes are also important parts of the automobile exhaust system, but their installation locations and functions are different. For car enthusiasts, choosing the right manifolds and downpipes is one of the important factors in ensuring engine performance and reliability.
  • 2024-01-30

    Choose the correct muffler like this!
    If you want to choose a muffler that suits your vehicle, you must comprehensively consider the muffler's silencing performance (noise attenuation and spectrum characteristics), aerodynamic performance (pressure loss, etc.), and structural performance (size, price, lifespan, etc.).
  • 2024-01-25

    Does modifying a car’s exhaust system really work?
    Reasonable modification of the exhaust system can improve the performance of the vehicle and the working efficiency of the exhaust system. It can also reduce the weight of the entire exhaust system, thereby improving the performance of the car. The appearance of the exhaust system was also upgraded during the modification. Relatively common.
  • 2024-01-23

    Read about the function and effectiveness of clamps in one article!
    Clamps - an important part, belonging to a small equipment components, used to fix, press or protect the target object. Even though its size is usually very small, we should not underestimate the importance of such a device. They are usually made of metal and have a strong grip and durability.
  • 2023-12-27

    What Will Happen If A Vehicle Has A Clogged Three-way Catalytic Converter?
    A customer we have worked with for many years once shared with us a car owner whose three-way catalytic converter was almost completely clogged after a year and a half and 80,000 kilometers! In fact, when this car had 60,000 kilometers, it reported that the three-way catalytic converter was faulty,
  • 2023-12-22

    Regarding Modifying The Exhaust System: Where To Start?
    The exhaust system is like the heart of a car. It not only changes the appearance and sound of the vehicle, but more importantly, it is crucial to the performance of the vehicle. When many people get started with modification, they understand that the exhaust pipe is actually a connection of key par
  • 2023-12-19

    Christmas Carnival Shopping Season, Surprises Are Waiting for You!
    As the snowflakes fall, the Christmas bells gradually ring. In this festival full of joy and warmth, we have carefully planned a special Christmas promotion, so that all car enthusiasts can enjoy the warmest holiday atmosphere and return home with a full load, so that their cars can rejuvenate and v
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