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#A serious talk about modification# The most simple and effective power modification

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Speaking of speed, everyone will surely think of the classic lines in "Fast and Furious":"Couldn't slow down so we had to crash it." The pursuit of the speed is incisively and vividly in this sentence.

From ancient times to the present, people's pursuit of speed has never changed. Today, let’s talk together, how can we improve the speed of our car within the legal scope? The only way is to start from the power, change the engine limit, improve the ignition performance, modify the exhaust pipe, etc., but we also need to pay attention to excessive modification will cause a certain degree of vehicle damage, so the modification needs to be coordinated with the vehicle.

Modified engine

Like the human heart, as the heart of a car-the modification of the engine system is the most important part of car modification and the most effective way to improve power performance. The most important thing in the modification of engine system is the modification of computer system. With the continuous development of car-making technology in modern society, vehicles have higher and higher requirements for engine precision. Therefore, such as engine ignition time, fuel injection time, speed limit, air-fuel ratio adjustment, etc. are all controlled and executed by the trip computer. Therefore, as long as you replace the computer's control chip and upgrade the computer program, you can contact the original factory-limited speed and rotating speed, let the engine put aside all constraints and embrace freedom.


However, pay more attention when refitting,the high-speed engine will cause serious loss of engine components, and from a safety point of view, it is also risky. After all, the original factory must be set restrictions on the engine considering a comprehensive consideration of the vehicle’s performance and security .

Modified turbo

The supercharging technology of modern cars is divided into two types: mechanical supercharging and turbocharging. Turbocharging is simply explained"exhaust gas reutilization". It uses the inertia of exhaust gas discharged from the engine to drive the turbine. The turbine drives the intake system to compress a large amount of air Into the engine, the efficiency of the engine can be maximized in a short time. As turbocharging technology has become a trend, many car owners are thinking about turbocharging their cars.

However, it should be noted that the modification of turbocharger will put great pressure on the naturally aspirated engine. In addition to replacing the turbo, many corresponding parts also need to be replaced at the same time; in addition, some cars have been modified by the original factory,complete vehicle performance tuning, so the endurance of the engine gearbox itself needs to be considered before changing the vehicle.


The advancement of technology allows consumers to have more directions when choosing products. Turbine can bring high cost performance and obtain better power at the lowest cost as possible. For example, only by adding turbocharging technology, a 1.5T engine can bring 258Nm of torque and 124kW of power. The parameter performance is already superior to the most 2.0L naturally aspirated engines.


Lower usage cost: lower fuel consumption to reduce usage cost. Compared with the Hongqi H5Hh of the B70 equipped with this engine, the Pentium B70 equipped with 1.5T has a fuel consumption of only 6.8L per 100 kilometers.

Assembly workshop

Better user experience: Low torque is more sufficient, and it can  meet the daily driving needs better. Unlike earlier turbochargers, today's supercharged engines are very responsive. On the new generation of Pentium B70, the engine can reach the maximum torque at 1300rpm. It only takes 0.5 seconds to achieve the maximum torque from the intervention of the supercharger. Just lightly step on the accelerator to feel the powerful power output.

Assuredly, compared to the original products, the quality of the modified accessories is particularly important.

Pay attention to testing and product quality, order delivery can provide a complete quality inspection report, the exclusive service can provide detailed information at each stage of the production process during the order production process, detailed services, comprehensive, and truly put consumers first, obviously more trustworthy. For example: GRWA~


Car owners who have modified the turbocharger need to always pay attention to the water temperature and oil temperature of the vehicle. As the turbocharger itself generates extremely high temperatures when it is activated, it can be said that the turbocharger is working at a high temperature. As a result, the life of the engine will be greatly reduced, and the vehicle will also be damaged.

Modified exhaust system

Exhaust system modification is obviously one of the most popular modifications nowadays. After all, as long as the vehicle is modified with a higher performance exhaust system, the power performance can be improved. Enjoy the roar of the engine and feel the thrill of the speed . I believe this is the purpose of many car owners to modify the exhaust.

Under normal circumstances, the exhaust modification mainly modifies the muffler, the middle section of the exhaust pipe, and the tail section of the exhaust pipe. This modification can only get the exhaust sound, but it will not have any effect on the power output of the engine. Only by replacing the exhaust pipe with a high-performance model, the power performance can be truly improved. The material of the exhaust pipe, piping design and smoothness of the pipe wall will all have an important influence on the effect of the exhaust pipe.

Therefore, to modify the exhaust system, you must understand the performance indicators of your car, and modify it according to your driving habits and needs. Of course, the most important thing is to be legal!

APP端--car performance


Speaking of the professionalism of exhaust systems, GRWA is definitely a brand that cannot be bypassed. As a domestic head brand, GRWA has the absolute right to speak in car modification exhaust systems, and has always enjoyed the first high-performance exhaust in China. (China's #1 performance exhaust brand).


Compared with other brands, GRWA has a more sophisticated service experience, as well as young and innovative R&D capabilities.

In addition, GRWA is also one of the few domestic brands that pay attention to content output. From our characteristic service "customized brand assistance services for customers-VI, marketing planning", we can see that this brand shares development with customers and achieves win-win cooperation,sincerity and determination. The most important thing is that the products provided can meet a variety of quality requirements, such as Euro 4, Euro 5, and Euro 6. In short, you don't need to worry about the product's failure.


The most important thing for you

The modification of vehicle power is a science. If you want to improve the power without damaging the life of the vehicle, the possibility is almost zero. After all, as the old saying goes, "it affects the whole body", so the best Modification is to find the right plan and find the right person. You can experience the hearty driving pleasure only by effective modification.


Choosing GRWA, you don’t need to worry about costing money or effort, "If you want to be surging, I will go forward for you; if you want to be fierce, I will be incisively and vividly." What you want, GRWA will surely bring the high-efficiency driving force system to give you a free and galloping chapter.

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