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Chinese Spring Festival is here! Please receive GRWA’s New Year greetings

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2023 has passed quietly, and the promising Chinese New Year has arrived as promised. GRWA would like to extend its most heartfelt thanks and sincerest blessings to its industry customers and friends who have always given trust and support!


Against the background of the profound impact of the global epidemic on the world economy, the international auto parts market is still full of strong competitiveness, which also makes the auto parts industry full of opportunities and challenges in 2023. We must strengthen the strategy and goals of GRWA auto parts development, work together and unite as one, in order to take advantage of the situation to break the situation and win.

Sincere service, Long-term cooperation

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the auto parts industry, GRWA knows that when customers choose partners, they are not only choosing product quality, but also choosing service guarantees, and choosing long-term partners. We deeply know that for customers to choose GRWA, verbal promises alone are not enough. We need to invest in research and development for a long time, ensure continuous innovation of product technology, insist on improving services, and make services more professional and sincere; we need to constantly communicate with customers to make our Products and services better meet everyone's requirements; we need to maintain the company's long-term and healthy development so that we can become a long-term trusted partner of our customers.

Production Control, Quality Control

GRWA has been committed to expanding highly flexible vertically integrated capabilities and solutions. We have cutting-edge R&D and manufacturing, refined production process control and on-site certified one-stop services, from R&D, design, assembly, molding, testing to reliable installation. , the whole process is controlled within the company, and all departments work together to complete this process. The products have been 100% tested, and production control and quality monitoring are strictly in accordance with the quality requirements of ISO 9001 and 16949 standards. The products have passed international certifications such as SGS, BV and TUV, providing reliable support for the integrated production and personalized customization of customer products. Assure.

Team Building, Huge Benefits

In 2024, GRWA will become a leading company in the auto parts industry with continuous creativity. Our team is stronger than before, and we will achieve our goals of customer return on investment with greater ambition and drive. After years of team building, we have established a knowledge-based, learning-oriented, united, dedicated, and hard-working team, and established three major product departments: exhaust system department, air intake system department, and cooling system department. Each department has a quality inspection department, product research and development department, design department, operations department, marketing department and customer service department. We are willing to continue to strengthen cooperation with all customers with high-quality products, satisfactory services, and continuous efforts to innovate. We will achieve great success in 2024, and this team will bring you great benefits.


Looking back on 2023, we have experienced ups and downs together, but we hope that you will also be full of confidence and enthusiasm for the future. We look forward to happily cooperating with you in 2024. Looking to the future, we will continue to work hard, keep pace with the times, and wholeheartedly provide the best services to our customers. Please also continue to pay attention to our latest developments. I sincerely wish you a prosperous career and all the best in the new year!

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