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Classification and Customization of flexible pipes

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The flexible pipe is a commonly used metal pipe connection element in industrial fields due to its excellent flexibility and pressure resistance. In the automotive industry, flexible pipes are  installed in the exhaust pipe between the engine exhaust manifold and the muffler to provide flexible connection, shock absorption, and noise reduction for the entire exhaust system. This not only facilitates convenient installation but also extends the life of the exhaust muffler system.

The flexible pipe structure is primarily composed of inner and outer woven nets, with the outer net typically consisting of two layers made from materials such as stainless steel 304. This design ensures long-term durability and functionality, while the appropriate number of waves also guarantees flexibility and durability. Additionally, the inner braided layer is unidirectionally fastened to prevent potential deformation.


Classification of flexible pipes:
Flexible pipes can be classified based on material into stainless steel 201 flexible pipes and stainless steel 304 flexible pipes . Stainless steel flexible pipes  exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature compressive strength, making them suitable for various industries.

Based on structure, they can be categorized as follows: with outer braiding, without inner braiding, with both inner and outer braiding, with outer braiding and internal expansion joints, with internal braiding and external mesh, and spiral-welded flexible pipes.


Specifications of flexible pipes:
The specifications of flexible pipes typically refer to their diameter and length, with various diameter options and customizable lengths available. Generally, flexible pipes are measured by their inner diameter, and the choice of specifications depends on specific pipeline connection requirements.

Number of corrugations:
The number of corrugations in a flexible pipe refers to the quantity of waves present, with different numbers offering varying bending capabilities and pressure resistance. Typically, a higher number of corrugations indicate better flexibility, suitable for complex bending and twisting scenarios. Common corrugation numbers include single-wave, double-wave, and multiple-wave types, allowing customers to select based on their specific needs.


Thickness of flexible pipes:
The thickness of a flexible pipe directly impacts its ability to withstand pressure, with greater thickness correlating to stronger pressure resistance. Flexible pipe thickness is usually denoted in standard measurements, enabling the selection of an appropriate thickness grade to ensure secure and reliable connections.

Many users may notice internal cracking within flexible pipes during usage, often attributed to inadequate thickness. For four-layer pipes with both inner and outer braiding or pipes with external mesh and internal expansion joints, failure to achieve a certain thickness in the middle layer can result in a three-layer structure, potentially leading to fractures if the thickness criterion is not met.

In conclusion, as an indispensable component in automobiles, flexible pipes exhibit diverse structural types and material classifications, offering customization based on specific requirements. It is crucial to procure products with assured quality to mitigate or prevent potential issues that may arise during the use of flexible pipes.


GRWA always prioritizes product quality in customizing flexible pipe converters by utilizing precise data collection, analysis, and application with a professional team and advanced technical equipment. Our goal is to contribute to environmental protection and vehicle performance improvement. If you have specific customization needs, please feel free to contact us - we are dedicated to serving you with professionalism and rigor.

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