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Does modifying a car’s exhaust system really work?

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The first thing many car buyers do when they buy a car is to modify the car, the most common of which is modifying the exhaust system. So is it really useful to modify a car’s exhaust system? GRMA has been deeply involved in the global auto parts industry for many years, exploring technological innovation, product innovation and model updates in the domestic and foreign auto parts industries. The answer we give is: of course it works! And the exhaust manifold, three-way catalytic converter, exhaust middle section, and exhaust tail section in the exhaust system can be modified.


Since there is so much room for improvement in the original car's exhaust system, why don't car manufacturers make the exhaust system better and require consumers to modify it later? The reason is still a matter of cost and profit, and due to increasingly stringent environmental regulations and restrictions, if we want to improve the performance and appearance of the car, we need to modify the exhaust system ourselves. Reasonable modification of the exhaust system can improve the performance of the vehicle and the working efficiency of the exhaust system. It can also reduce the weight of the entire exhaust system, thereby improving the performance of the car. The appearance of the exhaust system was also upgraded during the modification. Relatively common.

Modified exhaust system to make the engine breathe easier - improving performance

Most people modify the exhaust pipe starting from the middle and tail sections. Common methods include thickening the pipe diameter and reducing the muffler. The original exhaust pipe often cannot provide the corresponding air flow space. The reason is that the density of the catalyst section is too high, causing the air flow to be unsmooth. It may even encounter air flow back blockage, allowing the burned exhaust gas to run back into the engine, and new air and exhaust gas will be released. Overlapping combustion will significantly reduce the vehicle's engine efficiency. Modified exhaust can make the engine breathe more smoothly by reducing back pressure and restrictions in the pipeline, thereby generating more power and torque. The modified vehicle runs smoother and more powerfully, often making the driving feel uncomfortable. Drive the same car.



While improving airflow, reducing restrictions, and improving engine operating efficiency, it also improves fuel efficiency. This is why some people say that they feel more fuel-efficient after modifying the exhaust. This is indeed possible; but usually the efficiency is improved. In this case, the vehicle needs more fuel to output more horsepower. The fuel efficiency has indeed improved, and the corresponding vehicle also consumes more fuel. To put it simply, modifying the exhaust pipe does increase fuel efficiency, but to determine whether it saves fuel, the vehicle model, driving road section, and driving habits must be taken into consideration.

Overlooked cosmetic upgrades

A beautiful tailpipe can make a huge difference in the completeness of the entire car. Even if the exhaust is only modified, a carefully crafted tailpipe can make a big difference in the first impression of the entire car. Because after the exhaust is installed, usually only the tail tip is exposed, which is related to the impression we give others and our insistence on quality. The tailpipe of the exhaust pipe is really a small thing for modification, but the success or failure of the matter often lies in the mastery of every detail. Therefore, when modifying the exhaust pipe, it is particularly important to choose a tailpipe that upgrades the appearance of your car. !


Modifying the exhaust system can bring a new look, feel, and sound to your car, but when modifying the exhaust system, you need to make a decision based on your own car model, and do not blindly follow trends. If you are interested in modifying your car's exhaust system, you can get more information through "Contact Us" on the website, and our professional technicians will be happy to provide you with answers and services.

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