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GRWA Alibaba International Station Live Broadcasting Room is open!

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With the continuous development of technology, live broadcast has become a very popular way of communication. Recently, GRWA also opened the live broadcast on Ali International Station, through which you can understand our products more intuitively and get professional replies at the first time. This is not only a new attempt of our company, but also an upgrade of our customer service.

In the past, our product introductions are often presented through text, pictures and videos. Although these methods can effectively convey information, they cannot fully show the features and advantages of the products.

Through the live broadcast, we can show our products, factories and workshops more vividly, and customers can not only see the actual effect of the products directly, but also understand more about our R&D and production capacity, which facilitates customers to understand our strength comprehensively, so that they can make better decisions.


The live room not only increases the product display channels, but also provides customers with the opportunity to interact with us, customers can ask questions during the live broadcast, our professionals will be the first time to answer your questions. Saving the time of leaving messages and waiting, customers can get a quick response and thus complete the order.

At present, GRWA will conduct a weekly special live broadcast, live show products are mostly the most popular categories of attention and favor, if you have a great concern about the product can also be commented on the live broadcast, our staff will be displayed for you.


In addition, we will also carry out non-themed live broadcasts from time to time every week to show and explain the products that our customers want to know about on site, answer all the questions about products, technology, factories and equipments, and help our customers use the products in a better way.

As an enterprise focusing on customer service, we have been exploring diversified ways to communicate with our customers, and we hope that the live broadcast on Alibaba International Station can enhance the interaction and trust between our customers and us, and establish a closer relationship with us.

In the future, we will continue to uphold this concept and continue to explore better ways of customer service. Therefore, we welcome our customers to pay attention to our live broadcasts and learn about our products and services, and we also welcome their valuable comments and suggestions to help us better improve our service quality and provide our customers with even better services.

Alibaba international station store, Facebook will be released in advance of the live preview, you can enter the live room through the exclusive link, the recent live room will also display SEMA show products, welcome to the live room to get a glimpse and leave a message.


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