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GRWA Busy Production to keep Order Delivered Successfully

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China New Year is approching, and GRWA's four workshops are busy on production, all workers are working day and night to be able to delive goods before holiday.

In view of the weakening of the global epidemic situation and the great adjustment of the epidemic control measures in China, the order volume of GRWA also shows a new growth trend. Therefore, our production schedule and delivery time are very tight. In order to avoid delays, our staff in the workshops of all factories stick to their posts, the machinery and equipment are running constantly, and the workers are busy in front of the production line. Under the unified deployment of tasks, all workshops are racing against the clock and working overtime to catch up with the schedule.

Let’s follow our camera to the production workshop and have a look at the busy working in our workshop.







GRWA adheres to the service concept of "customer-centered". Facing the urgent delivery period and heavy production tasks, factories, workshops and production lines are sparing no effort to actively produce. With advanced production equipment, mature production lines and standardized production processes, we are sure to improve production capacity and deliver orders on time with the fastest speed. Also to optimize the process to ensure product quality.

GRWA in the four series of factories, located in Qingdao, the first factory production base covers an area of 3000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 100 people, with production center, testing center, storage center, transportation center and other integrated research, production and transportation layout. The other three factories have the layout of the whole of China, covering the planning and selection of the factories near the port and near the industry, all introducing automatic production lines and intelligent equipment, strong strength, production capacity also has an absolute advantage.

At present, all production lines of GRWA are being carried out efficiently and orderly to ensure the smooth completion of customer orders , ensure every order to be delivered in time.

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