How are exhaust tip sizes measured?

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Sometimes small things make a big difference between a good-looking car and a good-looking car. Your paint looks great, but if you don't take the time to properly detail the areas such as wheels, hub holes, glass or vents, the work can not be done. Perhaps the most often overlooked area is the vent. Ignoring them can be a bit of a hassle, but it's actually very simple and does n' t take a lot of time to get the job done correctly. After detailing the exhaust technique, it not only makes the car look better, but also prolongs the service life of topcoat, which is usually stainless steel or chromium alloy. Similar to hub maintenance, if ignored, the finish of the exhaust head will start to corrode, sag or discolor. However, if they are maintained regularly, they will remain beautiful for a long time.


This article contains the following:

  • What is exhaust clamp

  • How are exhaust tip sizes measured

  • How to choose exhaust tip

  • Do exhaust tips do anything


1.The role of the exhaust tip

Stainless Steel 409 Matt Black Exhaust Diesel Tip

There are several types of exhaust clamps that actually work according to different types:

1. There are special throats for fire safety, such as those used on tank trucks and some special vehicles.

2. Pure aesthetic effect. There are a lot of chrome-plated tail throats fixed to the original iron exhaust port to increase aesthetics.

3. Sports modification, this kind of self is mainly to increase the exhaust sound waves. Exhaust passing through this tail throat will produce a zhidao roar like a sports car, but in fact there is no improvement in power.


2.How are exhaust tip sizes measured

How to measure the outer diameter. If the end of the pipe is completely exposed (not covered by the exhaust nozzle or not installed in the muffler), use a tape measure or a ruler for measurement. Remember that you will measure from one outer edge to the opposite outer edge across the center point.


3.How to choose exhaust tip

Water intake dimensions The inlet dimensions of the exhaust nozzle must match the diameter of the existing exhaust pipe to ensure proper fit. all our exhaust tips specify the available air inlet dimensions for each model, so remember your dimensions when ordering. For example, if your exhaust pipe is 3 inches in diameter, choose an inlet diameter of 3 inches.


4.Do exhaust tips do anything

When used in conjunction with an upgraded exhaust system (including a wider pipe and/or high performance silencer), the exhaust nozzle can amplify new sounds from the exhaust. the shape and width of the exhaust pipe tip will slightly change the sound, making the sound more harsh (larger tip) or harsh (smaller tip).

Exhaust technique is a good finishing touch for your exhaust system. not only do they make your car look more beautiful, but they are a perfect complement to the exhaust system upgrade as they can be used in conjunction with other components to enhance sound.

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