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How exhaust system works?

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Concern about our automobiles' effect on the environment has already sparked a heated discussion throughout the society. In face of this, automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers have to keep pace with these changes, and in a similar fashion, a car's exhaust system has to evolve considerably. Car exhaust system, like a trash management system for “gas, helps improve our driving comfort by reducing noise level while keeping us safe from toxic fumes. The journey of exhaust gas from the car engine to the tailpipe at the rear of our vehicle, undergoes five stages, depending on the basic working principle. Aftermarket manufacturers aware of the clients’ dire need of a pleasurable drive endeavor to work miracles on the cars.


The working principle of exhaust system

Five stages where exhaust system works

Performance exhaust system

The working principle of exhaust system

Collected from the cylinder head, the exhaust exiting the engine enters the system through the exhaust manifold like a funnel. From there, it then travels down the system through intricate pipes in different sizes and shapes until it exits through the tailpipe, near the back bumper. The pipes themselves actually help cool the exhaust and the exhaust mostly travel to the catalytic converter for purification by removing harmful elements including carbon monoxide and hydrogen monoxide which are converted into inert gases and muffler or resonator for silencing or soothing gases. Afterwards, the exhaust moves through the remainder of the pipes until it exits the car. 

exhaust system

Five stages where exhaust system works

In this part of the article, we have divided the journey into 5 phases that tells you where it come from, what we do to it, and how we get rid of it.

1. Origin of exhaust gases: When we start our car, the engine combusts petrol to generate power. In this process, exhaust gas as a by-product that we want to get rid of is produced, as a toxic fume hazardous to the car occupants and the environment. This is where the exhaust system steps in.

2. Collection of exhaust gases: when entering exhaust manifold, exhaust gases are guided and collected from all the engine cylinders and converge into one single opening, known as the front pipe. Then the exhaust gas goes through the catalytic converter.

3. Purification of exhaust gases: like a filter, catalytic converter purifies the gases containing nitrogen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and some particulate matters, some non-toxic and some extremely toxic.

4. Silencing of exhaust gases: The muffler’s job is to reduce the noise produced in case of a nuisance. Without getting too technical, the muffler acts as a resonance dampener, forcing sound waves to bounce around chaotically until they cancel each other out.

5. Removing of exhaust gases: the exhaust pipe is a long metal tube that guides the engine’s emissions through the exhaust system and, ultimately, out of the car. 

Performance exhaust system

The vehicle's exhaust system often has four main functions: control noise, carry away gases, improve engine performance and improve fuel consumption. There is a growing trend of aftermarket manufacturers which offer customized optimization of cars. A good aftermarket performance exhaust can improve throttle response and give a boost in horsepower. Some exhaust systems can even improve fuel economy.


However, a real performance exhaust system cannot provide mind-blowing benefits for a trivial investment. Cheap products like clip-on or screw-on "performance" exhaust system components or gaudy exhaust tips that claim to give the look of a full performance system usually go suck. They won't help the car's drivability and may even hinder it by adding extra weight and wind resistance.


As a vital part of your vehicle, it’s important to understand the basic science behind all the parts and how changing them might have an effect on your performance, and what regulations govern it.


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