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#March new trade# Exhaust modified,Why do you want TA?

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What is an exhaust modification

When it comes to car modification, many people subconsciously have the impression that "a foot on the accelerator is loud"

At this point, can not help but ask, is the car exhaust pipe modification related to speed?

There are a lot of owners like to make an issue of the car exhaust, change the exhaust pipe ah, add a sport exhaust ah or directly replace the exhaust pipe, for the sports car to change the exhaust performance, but for ordinary cars to change the exhaust for nothing else -- wave, the sound of the exhaust. Exhaust sound is loud, strong and pleasant to hear. That is not blindly to exhaust the voice becomes larger is imposing manner?

As the power source of the automobile, the performance of the automobile engine directly determines the overall performance of the automobile. And automobile engine, the performance of the high and low, not only depends on the design of the engine body, also with other parts of it around, such as inlet and exhaust system, fuel supply system, ignition system, electronic control system, etc., and inlet and exhaust system as two keeper in charge of the engine lifeblood, if appear problem, the engine can not work normally, impact performance.

However, for many car owners, they are more concerned about the integrity of the car's appearance, and rarely conduct in-depth research on the car's exhaust system. If they want to study it, I am afraid it is the exhaust tail throat. After all, it is difficult to see the internal structure of the car's exhaust from the outside. At the same time, many people think that as long as the exhaust pipe is not blocked, it is working normally.


The exhaust system of the car is generally composed of exhaust manifold (exhaust banana), three-way catalytic converter, mufflers drum (tail drum), exhaust pipe, etc. The design of each part is very exquisite, especially the exhaust tail drum.Because exhaust tail drum in addition to play a role in noise, its structure directly affects the function of the exhaust system.

Why do exhaust refit to find the right brand?

Let's take a modified example to illustrate why the modified brand is so important?


Figure: Honda CR-Z (ZF1) exhaust tail segment, the larger cylindrical structure in the figure is the exhaust tail drum. There are many common exhaust tail drum shapes, but they are larger than the exhaust system pipe, it is easy to identify.

In order to let you deeply understand the exhaust tail drum, uncover the mysterious veil of the exhaust system, we disassemble the original Suzuki Big Dipper exhaust tail drum, and refitted exhaust tail drum.      


Figure: Suzuki Big Dipper original exhaust tail drum exhaust gas map.

Pictured above, suzuki plough tail drum is a typical design of back pressure, exhaust pipe into the tail drum from ① first, and quickly filled with tail drum rear exhaust chamber ②, due to the gas chamber is closed, waste gas can only be returned to the original road, in the middle of the pipe ③the holes flow into the gas chamber ④, after the exhaust gas to flow through the grid ⑤to the exhaust pipe mouth ⑥, Finally, the tail drum is discharged from the exhaust pipe ⑦.

The original tail drum is so simple in appearance! If you do not take it apart to see what it is, I believe that you would not expect the original flow of exhaust gas is so complex! Although such a complex wiring design can play a good back pressure role, it is helpful to improve the torque of the engine in the low speed range, but if the engine wants to climb up the high speed range, it is a little powerless, and will reduce the output of horsepower in the high speed range. Then, what is the modified exhaust tail drum?


Figure: 3d modeling is carried out according to the design of the modified exhaust tail drum. The size is not accurate, but the structure and principle of the modified exhaust tail drum can be clearly expressed.

Look from the modified tail drum design, engine exhaust gas from the pipe into the red tail drum, and then the blue pipe discharge, and the tail drum filled with sound-absorbing cotton, conceal note that around the tail drum in the exhaust pipe design, cancelled the original tail drum airtight chamber, through the plug the silencing cotton and extension of the vent line to reach back pressure effect. Compared with the original exhaust tail drum, the exhaust resistance is greatly reduced, which is beneficial to the engine's dynamic performance in the high speed range, but the backpressure effect is reduced, which means that the engine's low torque is weakened.


Figure: Anatomy of modified exhaust tail drum.


Figure: Big Dipper installation modified exhaust tail drum real shot.

By comparing the original exhaust and modified exhaust tail drum, we can easily draw the conclusion: for general economy cars, the original exhaust will be fully considered in the design to the roar of the exhaust, low engine torque, this would increase the exhaust resistance, deliberately designed so that, although the low speed torque are of great help to improve engine, however, will greatly impairs the development of the high speed.

The modified exhaust can be matched with a variety of different tail drum, to meet the needs of a variety of different driving habits, if you need low torque output, you can modify a set of back pressure value (exhaust resistance) large exhaust, and the need for high output, you can modify a set of low resistance exhaust.


A competent and excellent modification brand, in fact, is fundamentally to provide customers with the required products, these products are not "general", but a unique "custom".

Just like GRWA, it is not selling the products it owns, but customizing the products you need. You can also understand that GRWA is more about "service" than buying.

Exhaust brand, why choose GRWA?

As previously answered, first, a brand that can be called excellentThe first capability is not replication, but development,GRWA has this capability.


It can customize products according to customer needs, the service range covers 1000+ automobile brands, at least you do not have to worry about the single product you want to buy here, after all, as the no.1 exhaust brand, hard strength is enough.

Secondly, do quality carefully.

Sports car makers have been working on creating unique, iconic, and recognizable sound tags that people can even tell by ear which brand a car is. Of course, creating this unique sound quality is not an easy task. The first step is to remove the noise from the suppressed sound and enhance the designed sound. Of course, there are many so-called "golden ear" engineers in this field, who can guide the sound tuning work by relying on their own subjective feelings. Every sports car brand has its own "golden ear" engineers.


GRWA also has its own "golden ears".


Our muffler products are very focused on "sound performance testing", and we want to push the product to customers is "great sound experience", not "noisy noise".

In addition, all the experiments about sound are more for customers to reduce the "resonance" problem that similar products are difficult to overcome. With the change of technology, "resonance" is obviously no longer a technical problem facing modification, but the pursuit of quality, so that every customer gets the most comfortable experience is always the focus of GRWA.

Finally, authentic productivity.


GRWA's production workshops, with complete production lines, experienced management and production team, excellent selection of materials, strict quality inspection, thoughtful service.

Since the brand was founded in 2013, after 9 years of development, it has formed a complete production cluster, and its production bases cover the eastern cities along the Gang.

With efficient production capacity, stable delivery time, convenient export and good reputation, it is the best choice for cross-border cooperation.


A batch of large orders are starting here, to all parts of the world!


Exhaust manifold,flexible pipes, three catalytic converters, mufflers, tailpipe and other products are continuing to sell like hot sellers, welcome to order!

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