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#March new trade# Why do you need to replace the exhaust?

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1. Why do you need to replace the exhaust?

Believe that many riders will consider this question before replacing the exhaust: why do I need to replace the exhaust?

In fact, the answer of this question is very simple: ① performance; ② sound.

We all know that in order to ensure the so-called comfort, the original vehicle will install a huge muffler package on the exhaust of the vehicle, in order to make you feel less noisy when driving.

However, such a setting is not so pleasing to the masses of people who play with cars.

At the same time, the low-flow original three-way catalytic converter will hinder the discharge of exhaust gas, causing the exhaust to be unsmooth, thus affecting the exhaust efficiency of the vehicle.

After all, for entry-level modifications, changing to an exhaust that meets your preferences can not only improve the performance of the vehicle to a certain extent, but also make the car burst out with charming and beautiful sounds.


2. How to choose exhaust

For many new car owners, choosing an exhaust is really a headache.

Here is a good way to teach you:

①Choose the brand; ②Choose the material; ③Listen to the sound; ④Look at the workmanship.

Let us discuss these four points in detail.

① Choose the brand

Picking the right brand can be said to be half the battle.

When choosing exhaust, many car owners will blindly pursue price and ignore the brand.

As everyone knows, the reason why an exhaust brand can have influence is to rely on its products and technologies, which are accumulated bit by bit.


② Choose the material

Generally speaking, common exhaust pipe materials are divided into "cast iron", "stainless steel", " stainless steel304", "aluminum alloy", and "titanium alloy".

Most of the time we come into contact with " stainless steel 304" and "titanium alloy".

Compared with the high price of titanium alloy exhaust pipes, the material of  stainless steel 304 is not only reliable in quality, but also at a very affordable price.

So as an entry-level player, if you are very concerned about the price/performance ratio, then choose stainless steel 304 exhaust. Of course, you can choose titanium plating process to make the product more beautiful and improve the grade!


③ Listen to the sound

The sound coming out of each exhaust are very different, because each exhaust manufacturer has different adjustments to the exhaust pipe.

Therefore, when choosing an exhaust, you must remember to listen to the sound first, or go to the field to listen to the effect of exhaust, and then decide which exhaust to choose.

When GRWA supplies products, it will provide customers with supporting quality inspection certificates and test videos. For the sound , you can search for any of GRWA's social media accounts, and all of them will be presented in the videos.


④ Look at the workmanship

When looking at the exhaust workmanship, many car owners will see if there is a plated surface and whether there is a fish scale welding.

Of course, these contents show the basic craftsmanship of the brand on the one hand (for mature brands, the product has technological value and is the basic operation), but it is not the fundamental condition for evaluating the quality of this product.

What I'm talking about here is to look at workmanship, not simply to look at workmanship on the outside.

As we all know, after replacing the exhaust, the most common problem is "resonance".

Let's not talk about the damage to the brain caused by the resonance environment for a long time. Just waiting at the traffic light for a few tens of seconds, I believe that many car owners are already miserable.

Therefore, a high-quality exhaust will try to avoid resonance problems as much as possible.


3. What are the classifications of exhaust?

Generally speaking, the exhaust is divided into three parts: "head section", "middle section" and "tail section".

And our common tail exhaust, mainly include: ① straight-through exhaust; ② G drum; ③ S drum; ④ H drum; ⑤ M drum; ⑥ valve drum.

For the first four parts, I will not do too much analysis here.

In short, straight-through exhaust means that the exhaust gas is discharged without any obstacles. Although it is not environmentally friendly, the exhaust efficiency is very high.

The G drum, S drum and H drum can all be simply understood as having different shapes and different back pressures.

As for the M drum, there are some different comments. Some people say it is straight-through, and some people say it is variable back pressure. This aspect is generally determined according to the products of different manufacturers.

For me personally, the most recommended and practical one is the "Valve Drum".


4. What are the advantages of valve exhaust?

As the most recommended "variable valve exhaust", let me explain the reason for you.

Many friends know that most valve exhausts are actively opened or closed through the remote control, and there are also data settings through the electronic valve to control the opening and closing of the valve.

The advantage of doing this is to increase the power in the high-rev range while ensuring low torque.

However, there are several problems with valve exhaust on the market at present:

1. Closing the exhaust valve for a long time will affect the discharge of exhaust gas and damage the engine.

2. The valve exhaust quality is uneven, and the low-torque loss of inferior valve exhaust is serious.

Therefore, when selecting valve exhaust, you can refer to the four points mentioned above for selection, so as to ensure the improvement of vehicle performance, you can use it with confidence and replace it with confidence.


5. The whole section and the middle and last section, which one should I replace?

Personally, if you just want to meet your needs for sound waves, then choosing a high-quality variable valve mid-tail exhaust can already meet your needs.

If you want to greatly improve the exhaust efficiency on the basis of meeting the needs of sound waves, then you can choose the head section with a high-flow three-way catalytic converter + the middle and tail sections of the variable valve.

As for the full straight-through exhaust...Are you really afraid that you won't pass the car inspection?

PS: The above products are all sold in GRWA. If you don't know how to replace the product, you can consult our technical staff, and we will customize the service for you~~


6. Why recommend GRWA?

In fact, the reason is very simple. Since 2013, the product performance of GRWA brand has been highly sought after along the way. As the No. 1 brand of high-performance exhaust in China, there is no doubt that its concentration and popularity in the field of auto modification and exhaust!

The material is excellent, the product variety is rich, the production capacity is strong, and the supply cycle is the best.


As for the resonance problem that car owners are most concerned about, GRWA's exhaust resonance can be said to be almost zero.

In addition, under the premise of ensuring the power in the high-rev range, the exhaust of GRWA can greatly reduce the loss of low-twist, and will not put the car in the embarrassing situation of "high-rev king, low-rev death".

March New Trade Festival, all products on sale!

Any needs, please contact us~~~

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