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Please try this artifact if any problems with your car

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As we all know, although we can reduce noise of the car by modifying the exhaust muffler, some people says that the muffler will become "discolored", and it may be corroded after long time use. What’s more, someone says he may hear some strange sound like "gurgling" when driving.

Maybe you choose a wrong muffler if you have this same experience. 

Obviously the best material for mufflers is high quality stainless steel, which has high temperature and corrosion resistance. GRWA Muffler is one of them.

The benefit of GRWA stainless steel 409 muffler

The material of stainless steel 409 muffler is a kind of nickel-free chromium steel, with excellent performance in corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance among stainless steels. 

Usually the finishing of stainless steel 409 is raw, which also has unique advantages in beautiful appearance and application. The key point is that the price will be cheaper than stainless steel containing nickel.


1. Excellent high temperature resistance capacity

There will be oxygen oxidation reaction in very high temperature environment, the thickness of the oxide film is different in the light presented in different colors. Some tests show that the colour will change only the temperature reaches 300 ℃.

But material we use is T409, which has a small coefficient of thermal expansion. Higher temperature resistance and and will not be oxidized easily. That’s why seldom colour changing of the muffler shell.


2.High corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is well known, and GRWA's stainless 409 mufflers are usually coated with a layer of anti-rust oil to enhance corrosion resistance which can extend their service life. So under normal conditions of use, the surface of the muffler will be no rust.

But if the car for a long time driving in rain and snow, the quality of stainless steel may be effected as well. While the surface of the muffler rust will not affect the normal use.


3.Unique welding workmanship

The workmanship of welding from GRWA is tooling position. GRWA mufflers can be installed easily of it’s flat surface.The smooth weld without breakpoint can not only ensure that the muffler is not easy to deformation, but also stabilize the internal parts of the muffler, so as to avoid the impact caused by engine idling.


Worth mentioning that GRWA T409 mufflers will be more attractive in appearance though not too bright as other stainless steel mufflers.

Hope this article can help you and please click the below button if any need of this T409 muffler. Our technician will provide an whole and professional reply. Thank you!

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