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The Advantages Of Exhaust Carbon Fiber Tips

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In today's automotive industry, lightweight, high performance and environmental protection have become the core development trends. With the progress of science and technology and the continuous innovation of material science, carbon fiber, as an advanced material, has gradually emerged in the automotive modification market. Especially in the field of exhaust system modification, exhaust carbon fiber tips with its unique performance advantages have become a racetrack weapon to release speed and passion. This paper will focus on the analysis of the advantages of exhaust carbon fiber tips especially GRWA's production, for the majority of car modification enthusiasts to provide a reference.


First, lightweight, driving lightning

GRWA's exhaust carbon fiber tips consist of a carbon fiber housing, 304 stainless steel inner core and 304 stainless steel clamp. Made of high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber material, the weight is reduced by more than 50% compared to traditional stainless steel liner. ( Among them, the carbon fiber shell is made of carbon fiber fabric, which is divided into half carbon and full carbon. GRWA can be customized according to customer requirements for carbon shell thickness.) When the car is on the road, reducing its own weight means that it can improve acceleration performance, reduce fuel consumption and achieve more sensitive handling.

Second, high temperature resistance, release endless power

Exhaust carbon fiber tips have extremely high temperature resistance, can be stable in high temperature environment. GRWA's exhaust carbon fiber tips whether half carbon or full carbon is the use of polyurethane high temperature resistance (finished product high temperature resistance of more than 200 ℃). This means that when the engine is running at high speed, the liner can effectively reduce the exhaust temperature, reduce heat loss, and improve the thermal efficiency of the engine. At the same time, the stability at high temperatures also guarantees the life of the liner, so that your car can release endless power without worrying about liner damage.


Three, corrosion resistance, resist the erosion of the years

Exhaust carbon fiber tips have excellent corrosion resistance, can resist acid rain, salt spray and other harsh environment erosion. In particular, GRWA's exhaust carbon fiber tips are also coated with corrosion resistant paint and uses high-quality 304 stainless steel clamps that are above the average market level. And we use 304 stainless steel inner core, the wall thickness of the raw material is 1.5mm, the inner core is the internal and external polishing effect, the inner core manufacturing is a one-time stretch forming, there is no connection weld, both beautiful and practical. The inlet wedge is an S-shaped notch, so that it can better bite when tightening the clamp. Therefore, GRWA's exhaust carbon fiber tips is more excellent in effectively resisting environmental erosion and ensuring long-term beauty and performance of the tailpipe.

Fourth, unique appearance, highlight personality charm

The unique texture and color of the carbon fiber tailpipe highlight the unique personality charm. In many conversion projects, exhaust carbon fiber tips can be regarded as the appearance level. Its unique texture is like a racer's battle trace, witnessing the collision of speed and passion. In particular, the surface of GRWA's exhaust carbon fiber tips is flawless, and the black luster reveals a mysterious and noble atmosphere. Install GRWA's exhaust carbon fiber tips, so that your car instantly glow the heroic appearance of the race track God, become the focus of the street.


Exhaust carbon fiber tips, the product of the integration of advanced material technology and craftsmanship, not only represents another peak of automotive exhaust system technology, but also the persistent pursuit of speed and passion in the heart of every owner who pursues the ultimate driving experience. With its light posture, it releases unlimited power and potential in the roar of every engine.

Choose GRWA's exhaust carbon fiber tips, let us lead the forefront of technology and passion together, feel the unique charm of lightning.


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