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Type And Temperature Resistance Of Filling Cotton Inside Exhaust Muffler

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Exhaust muffler is an indispensable part of the internal combustion engine emission system such as automobiles and motorcycles, which is mainly used to reduce exhaust noise and eliminate harmful substances in the exhaust gas after combustion. The internal structure of the exhaust muffler usually consists of a metal housing and a filler material, which plays a crucial role in the performance of the exhaust muffler. As a common exhaust muffler internal filling material, its type and temperature resistance have a direct impact on the performance and service life of the exhaust muffler.


Exhaust muffler stuffing is mainly divided into two kinds of glass fiber and ceramic fiber.

Glass fiber is a common filling material with good temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It can work stably in a high temperature environment for a long time and is not easy to age, deform or decompose. The temperature resistance of glass fiber is usually above 200℃, up to about 600℃.

Ceramic fiber is a new type of filling material with higher temperature resistance and better heat insulation. It can work stably at higher temperatures for a long time, usually with a temperature resistance above 1000℃.

In practical applications, the exhaust muffler filled with glass fiber is generally used. Glass fiber filled exhaust mufflers have better noise reduction effect and higher cost performance, so they can meet the needs in most occasions. The style of glass fiber is divided into two kinds: open cotton and blanket cotton. The loose cotton combs the glass fiber into a loose state to form a certain pore structure, which is conducive to the absorption and attenuation of sound waves. Blanket cotton compresses the glass fiber into a dense blanket, forming a large pore structure, which is also conducive to the absorption and attenuation of sound waves. Different styles of glass fiber filling cotton have a certain impact on the performance of the exhaust muffler, so it is necessary to determine the exhaust muffler according to the specific application and requirements.

In addition to glass fiber and ceramic fiber, there are some other filling materials, such as rock wool, polyurethane foam and so on.

Rock wool is a natural mineral fiber, with good temperature resistance and heat insulation properties, temperature resistance is generally about 600℃.

Polyurethane foam is an organic material with good elasticity and softness, which is suitable for the control of low frequency noise.

Different kinds of filling cotton have different temperature resistance and performance characteristics, so in the selection of exhaust mufflers need to be determined according to the specific application and requirements, should consider the type of filling material, temperature resistance and performance characteristics, in order to achieve the best noise control effect.


However, in the face of the wide variety of exhaust muffler internal filling cotton on the market, GRWA has always been able to ensure the high quality of the exhaust muffler metal structure, on the basis of matching high-quality internal filling cotton at the same price to create high-performance noise control equipment. 

As a result, GRWA's exhaust mufflers generally have excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and can work stably in extreme environments. It can effectively absorb and reduce the noise generated by engine emissions, and improve the comfort and quietness of vehicle driving. At the same time, it also has good aerodynamic characteristics, which can improve the exhaust efficiency of the engine and enhance the dynamic performance of the vehicle. Whether for cars, motorcycles or other machinery, GRWA's exhaust mufflers are an ideal noise control solution.


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