What does the exhaust system do?

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The automobile exhaust system mainly emits the exhaust gas discharged by the engine, and at the same time reduces the pollution of the exhaust gas and reduces the noise. Automobile exhaust system is mainly used for light vehicles, mini vehicles and passenger cars, motorcycles and other motor vehicles. The automobile exhaust system refers to a system that collects and emits exhaust gas, and is generally composed of an exhaust manifold, an exhaust pipe, a catalytic converter, an exhaust temperature sensor, an automobile muffler, and an exhaust tail pipe.


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This article contains the following:

  • What does the exhaust system do

  • Components of the exhaust system

  • Different exhaust systems


1.What does the exhaust system do

As far as the function of the car body is concerned, the automobile exhaust system plays the role of shock absorption and noise reduction, and extends the life of the exhaust muffler system. For a general car, due to the high pressure of the exhaust gas of the car when it leaves the engine, the noise generated may make people feel crazy. At this time, the main noise reduction function is the exhaust system of the car. Device, greatly reducing the noise of the car. The main working principle is to split the air flow through multiple channels. These split flows only see that the friction and impact of each other cause the flow rate of the air flow to gradually decrease. This repeated circulation eventually causes the exhaust gas to flow out through the exhaust pipe of the car, which reduces the noise and achieves daily The effect of car noise reduction.Engine noise is the main noise source of automobiles. Engine noise can be divided into aerodynamic noise, mechanical noise and combustion noise.

Aerodynamic noise mainly includes intake, exhaust and fan noise. This is due to the noise caused by the vibration of the air when the intake, exhaust and fan rotate, and this part of the noise is directly radiated into the surrounding air. When there is no intake and exhaust muffler, exhaust noise is the largest noise source of the engine, followed by intake noise. Fan noise is also often one of the main noise sources especially on air-cooled internal combustion engines.


2.Components of the exhaust system

The function of the exhaust system is to collect the exhaust gas in each engine cylinder, reduce exhaust noise and eliminate flames and sparks in the exhaust gas, so that the exhaust gas is safely discharged into the atmosphere, and control the emission of harmful substances in the exhaust gas.

The automobile exhaust system is generally composed of an exhaust manifold, an exhaust pipe, a catalytic converter, an exhaust temperature sensor, a muffler and an exhaust tail pipe.

Working principle: After the exhaust gas in the engine cylinder is discharged from the exhaust valve, it passes through the exhaust manifold of each cylinder to the exhaust manifold, and is cleaned by the three-way catalytic converter and silenced by the muffler. .


3.Different exhaust systems

1.Single exhaust system

During the exhaust stroke of an in-line engine, the exhaust gas in the cylinder passes through the exhaust valve and the exhaust manifold, then enters the exhaust pipe, the catalytic converter and the muffler from the exhaust manifold, and is finally discharged into the atmosphere from the exhaust pipe.

2. Double exhaust system

The V-shaped engine uses two single exhaust systems, that is, each exhaust manifold is connected to an exhaust pipe, a catalytic converter, a muffler, and an exhaust tail pipe.

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