What is the role of exhaust muffler?

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The car muffler is mainly used to reduce the noise generated when the engine of the motor vehicle is working, and is one of the key components of the car. Its performance is directly related to the noise level of the car and the driver's hearing experience. So what is the role of car muffler?


This article contains the following:

  • The role of car muffler

  • Resistive muffler

  • Silence principle of exhaust muffler


1.The role of car muffler

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Reduce the exhaust noise of the engine, and make high-temperature exhaust gas can be safely and effectively discharged. As a part of the exhaust pipe, the muffler should ensure that the exhaust is smooth, the resistance is small and the strength is sufficient. The muffler must withstand high-temperature exhaust from 500 ℃ to 700 ℃ to ensure that it will not be damaged or lose the noise reduction effect within the specified mileage of the car.

The muffler is a weight component in the automobile exhaust system. In form, the common points are resistance (form), resistance (form), compound and so on.

Among them, the resistive muffler is mainly composed of porous tubes and sound-absorbing fibers (sound-absorbing cotton). The latter's sound absorption coefficient changes with changes in physical properties such as density and diameter, that is, the greater the fiber density and the smaller the diameter, the higher the sound absorption coefficient. The size of the sound absorption coefficient is related to the effect of the entire muffler. Of course, there are many factors such as the cross-sectional circumference, effective length, and cross-sectional area of the muffler. The larger the circumference and effective length, the more the muffler effect it is good.


2.Why the car exhaust muffler will drip water

The reason why the muffler exhaust pipe is dripping is because the car gasoline is completely burned to produce carbon dioxide and water. At high temperatures, the water becomes water vapor. The water attack steam is colorless and transparent at high temperature, but when the water is below 100 °, Water vapor will condense into water. If the condensed water droplets are small and suspended in the air, the water vapor will appear as a white gas, but when the temperature is low, the exhaust pipe emits white smoke is water vapor; if the condensed water droplets When it accumulates, it becomes water. The water droplets discharged from the exhaust pipe are the water vapor generated after the gasoline is burned. The condensation in the exhaust pipe and the muffler is just that, but when the ambient temperature is high, the water vapor has been discharged without condensing. When the ambient temperature is low, water vapor will condense into water droplets on the exhaust pipe wall and flow out with the exhaust. This phenomenon is relatively normal in most cars.

If there is a lot, it may be that the exhaust pipe has accumulated water. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the store where you bought it and change it. If there is a warranty, it is free.

3.Silence principle of exhaust muffler

The air flow is divided through multiple channels, and then the air flows are impacted by each of the sub-flows to slow down the flow rate of the air flow. After many such processes, the exhaust gas slowly flows out through the exhaust pipe to achieve the purpose of silencing or reduce the pressure of the exhaust gas.

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