Where should exhaust clamps be placed?

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Unless you have to replace the entire exhaust system, only a few hand tools and standard parts are needed to complete the basic maintenance of the vehicle exhaust system. But what is the part that meets the standard? There are a variety of different components in the exhaust system. In most cases, large parts such as exhaust mufflers, exhaust pipes and catalytic converters need to be cut and welded, so you may not be able to solve them yourself. These main components are not part of the regular maintenance plan, which includes exhaust pads, exhaust clamos and exhaust racks.


This article contains the following:

  • Different types of exhaust clamps

  • The role of the exhaust clamp

  • Where should exhaust clamps be placed



1.Different types of exhaust clamps

There are many types of exhaust clamps, and the type of exhaust clamp used for your vehicle depends on the exhaust system of the car. The main types of exhaust clamps are ball and socket, U-bolt, flat belt and V-clamp. Each has its place in the exhaust system, and you may find 2 or more styles of fixtures on your factory system.


2.The role of the exhaust clamp

The exhaust pipe clamp is mainly suitable for connecting exhaust pipes with large temperature changes. It is the main connection method of the exhaust system of current mid-to-high-end passenger cars / cars / commercial vehicles / sports cars. Reliable, improve modal, reduce weight, reduce cost, simple replacement and other advantages

The role of the exhaust clamp The clamp is used to connect the fixed fittings between the pipe and the pipe. Use 51, 63, 70 and other sizes and diameters. Proper use of the clamp can make our exhaust pipes jam.


3.Where should exhaust clamps be placed

Once the exhaust fixture breaks, it cannot be repaired on the exhaust system and needs to be replaced. If the clip becomes loose or damaged or begins to wear, the exhaust clamo may come off and loosen the exhaust pipe. This may cause serious problems, such as exhaust pipe rupture, exhaust gas in the exhaust pipe will be emitted, because exhaust gas is harmful to the human body, it will make it difficult for drivers and passengers to breathe.

If the exhaust clamo is damaged or loose, it may cause the exhaust pipe to separate or cracks or holes in the exhaust pipe. Cracking or loosening of the exhaust pipe usually produces strange noise near the crack, because the purpose of the exhaust system is to circulate exhaust fumes and noise through multiple chambers in the muffler to ensure reduced noise. If you find too much noise under the vehicle (especially during acceleration), it may be caused by a cracked exhaust clamo.

Check the exhaust pipe. If they hang under the vehicle (at least higher than usual), the exhaust clamo may be damaged. After parking the vehicle safely on a flat surface and closing it, crawl underneath and determine whether the exhaust pipe itself is damaged. If it is, the pipe should be replaced.

Listen to excess sound. If you find that there is a lot of noise under the vehicle during acceleration, it may be caused by exhaust leakage. Damaged or loose exhaust clamos may be the cause of the leak. Also, before replacing the exhaust clamo, please check below to make sure the exhaust pipe is not cracked or broken.

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