how to choose exhaust tip?

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Nowadays, many people are not tired of refitting car exhaust pipes. There are many types of exhaust pipes, each of which has different functions. With a modified exhaust gas, it feels a little less without changing the tailpipe. But do you know how to choose the exhaust tip modification?


Glossy Black Stainless Steel 409 Exhaust Diesel Tip

This article contains the following:

  • The role of the exhaust tip

  • How to choose exhaust tip

  • exhaust tip installation


1.The role of the exhaust tip

1.There are special throats for fire safety, such as those used on tank trucks and some special vehicles

2. Pure aesthetic effect. There are many chrome-plated exhaust tips fixed to the original iron exhaust. Increase aesthetics

3. Sports modification, this is mainly to increase the sound of exhaust. Exhaust passing through this exhaust tip will produce a roaring sound like a sports car. But in fact there is no improvement in power.

In addition to preventing the deformation of the exhaust pipe of the car, the muffler decorative exhaust tip can also play the role of supercharging and turbulence, and it can also reduce the noise of the exhaust pipe to a certain extent and make the sound slightly soft and nice. However, according to the sales staff, many car owners buy it because it has a strong decorative effect.


2.How to choose exhaust tip

The silencer exhaust tip is divided into two different materials: stainless steel and galvanized. The stainless steel material is well-made and has a full weight in the hand. In addition, it is not easy to deform, it is not easy to leave fingerprints, and it is super corrosion-resistant. As the name suggests, the exhaust tip of galvanized material is coated with a zinc film on the outside, but the zinc film will fall off after a long time, and it will still be corroded. The specifications are manufactured according to the size standards of the exhaust pipes of various cars, and the shape has round mouths, square mouths, etc., so there are various specifications for owners of different cars to choose.

The shape and design of each type of stainless steel exhaust tip are very different. Some products are just a simple exhaust pipe, which is cheaper without a complicated pattern and design. The internal structure of some products is complicated, and there are various patterns and shapes from the back. More expensive.

The silencer exhaust tip is actually very convenient to install on the exhaust tail pipe, without replacing any parts of the tail. Just choose the exhaust tip suitable for the car model, then use a wrench to loosen the screw on the tail cover of the car, and finally put the exhaust tip in the proper position of the car exhaust pipe, and then tighten the screw. In less than 5 minutes.


After installing the exquisite and beautiful sound-absorbing exhaust tip, the whole car looks neat and handsome from the rear. The shortcomings in the United States and China have also been made up. Such a car will not be overwhelmed by the vast traffic on the road.


3.exhaust tip installation

The installation of the muffler decorative exhaust tip is also very simple, without replacing any parts. Just choose the tail hood suitable for the car model, loosen the fastening screws on the tail hood with a wrench, and then put the tail hood in the proper position of the car exhaust pipe, and then tighten the screws, the whole process It takes less than 5 minutes.

After installing the exquisite and beautiful car silencer and decorating the exhaust tip, the whole car looks neat and handsome. The only flaw in the glamorous bodywork has been compensated for, and such a car will not be overwhelmed by the vast traffic on the road.

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