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#the March Trade Festival# Modify the exhaust, the answer can be found in GRWA! !

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When it comes to car modification, the first reaction of many people is to modify the exhaust!

It is true that there are many benefits of changing the exhaust, such as improving exhaust efficiency and making the car have a more charming sound...

However, many small partners will be confused when choosing an exhaust pipe:

Which exhaust should I replace?

There are three situations in this problem:

1. Beginners, can't find more information, can't choose;

2. Veteran, very skilled;

3. Master, are lurking to find a better collaborator;

No matter which kind of person you are above, calm down and read slowly, I believe this article can give you corresponding thoughts.

What we are going to talk about today is a very cost-effective high-performance exhaust brand - GRWA


Speaking of the GRWA brand, I believe that many players are familiar with it, and it has great advantages in terms of performance and price.


For the exhaust pipe, we generally divide it into the head section, the middle section and the tail section. Everyone knows this very well.


Let's talk about the characteristics of the GRWA head section exhaust:

1. The exhaust of the engine is initially a variety of manifold products. The manifold can be said to be a more complex and manual product in the entire exhaust system. The most notable feature of GRWA's manifold products is research and development and customization.

No matter how complicated the manifold is, GRWA can achieve production through excellent technology, and with strict quality inspection and unique tooling positioning, it can fully guarantee good loading and excellent adaptability.


2. Because car brands have different requirements for products, in the process of connecting the manifold to the ternary, it is often necessary to use the transition of the flexible pipes, so the GRWA brand with a complete range of products has obvious advantages.


3. The vortex three-way catalytic converter launched by GRWA has a patented vortex design, which produces a special vortex gas flow line when guiding the exhaust gas.

At low speed, the contact area between the exhaust gas and the catalyst carrier is increased to form a moderate back pressure and low torque; at medium and high speed, the discharge speed is accelerated by the eddy current of the gas, which improves the efficiency and power of the engine at high speed. The multiplier effect provides cleaner exhaust gas, and achieves the perfect performance of low, medium, high and full speed range.

4. GRWA's unique induction design is different from the pad-elevated, long-duct, and deceptive oxygen sensor chips on the market. GRWA's exhaust gas can more truly read the exhaust gas changes between each speed, no external chip is required, and there is no fault light. Trouble, provide better and more significant dynamic performance.

5. The three-way catalytic converter uses high-quality precious metal formula to provide excellent environmental protection, performance improvement, and product durability.

6. Appropriate pipe diameter design enhances low-speed torque, enhances horsepower performance at medium and high speeds, improves exhaust efficiency, and has low, medium and high full-speed performance.

7. Leading production line, the carrier can produce 1200 pieces per day, standardized production management mode, high-quality mass production specifications, completely corresponding to the original location, fast installation, and product accuracy in line with world standards.

8. Exquisite materials, SS304 high-grade stainless steel. There is ample space for choice of supporting products, including: carrier, universal catalytic converter, special car catalytic converter, truck converter(DPF, cordierite carrier) and other products.


After talking about the head section exhaust, let's look at the characteristics of GRWA's mid-tail exhaust:

1. The muffler tube in the tail section has a built-in patented exhaust pressure valve, which can gradually open the valve under different gears and exhaust pressures, effectively improving the acceleration and stagnation caused by the one-time opening valve.

2. Patented exhaust valve structure, built-in valve in the muffler, active detection of different gearbox gears and engine speed, changing the valve opening angle (not ordinary passive remote control opening); can be retained at low speeds Moderate back pressure and torque, provide straight-through exhaust efficiency at medium and high speeds, improve the general frustration when the valve is opened, indeed improve the performance of the full-speed range, make the power output of the engine more extreme, and improve the height of the general modified exhaust pipe. Disadvantages of fuel consumption.

3. Deep, rich, high-quality exhaust sound, low resonance inside the car, providing a comfortable seating space.

4. Optional intelligent remote control valve can directly read the OBD2 signal, which can not only adjust the size of exhaust sound at any time, but also provide a smooth feeling that ordinary electronic valves cannot provide, and high kinetic energy performance at full speed.


5. SS201, SS304, SS409 materials, 316L electrode, TIG professional welding technology, three-pass welding, A-level polishing, strong product quality, more beautiful corrosion resistance.

6. Strict quality inspection, vibration test, air tightness test and sound effect test to prevent air leakage from the exhaust pipe.

7. Appropriate pipe diameter design, its pipe bending machine can carry out accurate radian design for pipes of various sizes, intelligent cutting can ensure that the pipe diameter error is within millimeters, and the unique tooling positioning can correspondingly improve the supercharging and modification and Factory setting.



A test sample car was randomly selected. After the GRWA exhaust was replaced, the data came out as follows:


Maximum horsepower increase: 9.5HP

Maximum torque increase: 0.3kgm

It can be said that such a result is still possible. After improving the exhaust efficiency of the vehicle, the overall engine performance has also been improved.

So, when you guys are struggling with what exhaust to replace, you might as well take a look at GRWA, maybe it will bring you unexpected surprises.

Through this article we also answered the starting question:

If you are a novice, as the first brand of high-performance exhaust in China, it is worthy of trust and choice;

If you are a veteran, you will naturally evaluate the cost-effectiveness that GRWA can bring to you. You might as well open a window of a service staff at random, and you will know after a chat;

If you are a master, what can be more convenient than enjoying the whole series of products in one place?

In the March Trade Festival, business opportunities are coming, don't hesitate!

Any need, please call~~~

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