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14 models of BMW specific three-way catalytic converters are on sale, seiko characteristics. See if your car is in the list?

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The three-way catalytic converter is a metal device installed in the exhaust system of a vehicle. Its purpose is to reduce the pollutants released into the atmosphere when the internal combustion engine is running. They are made of precious metals, including platinum, palladium and rhodium.Although it was first introduced to the U.S. market in the 1970s due to EPA requirements. However, other countries began to pass laws mandating installation. That's because three-way catalytic converters have done an excellent job of reducing pollution in cities like Los Angeles, which have a serious "smog" problem.


Some little knowledge about BMW three-way catalytic converter:

BMW catalytic converter can be used for up to 10 years without any problems. However, it may be damaged due to contaminants, overheating, blockages or accidents. But how do you know there is a problem?

1. The engine performance is degraded.

If you feel that the engine performance is not as good as before, it may be a problem with the three-way catalytic converter. Since it is directly connected to the exhaust, if it is blocked or ruptured, it will seriously affect the performance of your vehicle.

2. The car makes a "quack" noise.

You probably only hear it when you start your car, but it gets worse over time. The rattle is caused by the collapse of the internal grid due to age and use. So be aware of any clicking noises and check your vehicle's three-way catalytic converter in time.

3. Check whether the engine light is on.

Although the check engine light may then be lit for any reason, but you can use some tools to find out why. You can learn more about using the scanning tool to check the error code, but it is worth noting that there are multiple sensors that can help the three-way catalytic converter to work properly. If you want to ensure that the three-way catalytic converter is in good condition, it is best to diagnose it .

GRWA BMW Special Project

GRWA launched 14 hot special three-way catalytic converter products for the BMW brand special project.


The three-way catalytic converter adapted models for this special car include BMW Z4, X5, X3, E60, MINI, X6, X3, 750 and many other models.The three-way catalytic converter of some models including Left/Right, and Long fron/Short front are also included.


The three-way catalytic converters for special vehicles are based on the original size of the mold production, each single product are subject to stringent quality control, and accurate measurement, to ensure that the corresponding model fitting and installation.

GRWA can provide the shells for three-way catalytic converters of a variety of materials, including carriers of different materials.In addition, except for sales of a complete product, you can also choose to be purchased separately for the "carrier", if you have the ability to install and produce the shell.

Of course, we welcome you to order the complete products. After all, you can directly use or sell the products when you get them.most importantly, the complete product or more quantities, you will enjoy a "competitive" price concessions.


As we all know, the universal three-way catalytic converter is a very popular product in the automotive exhaust market.Taking GRWA as an example, a large number of orders are shipped around the world every month.


However, it is relatively inconvenient to buy the "special three-way catalytic converter " of some brand cars, and why many brands make their own three-way catalytic converter products into various shapes? Do you know the reason?

Here we want to introduce to you a reason that is not the most important but has a certain relationship.

Some speechless news about three-way catalytic converters:


There have been the theft case of three-way catalytic converters from cars all over the world, The picture above shows the London ternary market news released by the BBC.

Since the three-way catalytic converter is made of precious metals, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium, so it can be easily stolen.Compared with 2008, the number of reported thefts in 2015 has increased by 25%.To reduce the risk of such thefts occur in well-lit areas,BMW tried some additional welding on its products.

It was originally based on product safety considerations, but it also brought some purchase and replacement troubles to consumers invisibly.

The three-way catalytic converter is one of the most important aspects of exhaust and emission systems. GRWA brand focuses on the research and development, production and promotion of automobile exhaust systems. With eight years of experience, we have dedicated technicians who can help you find out the problem based on your feedback.

In fact, in addition to BMW, many brands such as Toyota and Honda are also paying attention to this problem and introducing some improvement measures. In addition to BMW special three-way catalytic converter, we can provide special three-way catalytic converters for mainstream car brands in the market.

In addition to three-way catalytic converters, any problems associated with car exhaust systems can consult us and we can also provide you with other products needed.

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