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About the catalytic converter, four aspects you need to know!

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Do you know how the car is to improve the exhaust emissions of harmful gases? In fact, a special device is used here, it is what we commonly known as catalytic converter.

This article aims to outline the basic knowledge of the catalytic converter, next we will open a topic, from the type, use and other aspects of the content of the catalytic converter for you in detail, the latter content will be more and more exciting. We welcome all interested car enthusiasts contact us at any time!


Whats catalytic converter?

The catalytic converter is the most important off-board cleaning device in the exhaust system of a car, and is usually installed in the exhaust pipe at the head end near the engine exhaust valve.

The structure of the catalytic converter can be roughly divided into three parts: shell, liner and carrier, of which the carrier is the core of the catalytic converter, which is usually divided into metal carrier and ceramic carrier, coated with precious metal catalyst (platinum, rhodium, palladium, etc.), and the exhaust gas is passed through the small holes of the carrier to complete the catalytic conversion.



The importance of catalytic converter

The role of the catalytic converter is to convert the harmful gases in the exhaust of the car into harmless gases to discharge, so that the exhaust gas can be purified, and its work is very simple.

When the exhaust gas passes through the catalytic converter, the precious metal substances attached to the carrier will enhance the activity of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gas, and then transform these three harmful substances into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen gas through certain oxidation-reduction reactions, thus achieving the effect of purifying the exhaust gas.

In addition, as a device to reduce the level of environmental pollution, the catalytic converter can ensure that the car can successfully pass the exhaust gas test, but also to ensure that the car's power and fuel consumption remain stable for a long time.


Do we need to replace the catalytic converter?

The gasoline used in the car contains high sulfur and phosphorus, which can form chemical complexes on the surface of the catalytic converter, and the insufficient combustion of fuel during driving will also be attached to the surface of the catalytic converter, the accumulation of these particles will lead to the catalytic converter blockage.

At this time, the three-year purification function is reduced or even failed, the vehicle firstly can not meet the exhaust emission standards, and secondly will lead to three-year life directly shortened by half. In addition, the converter blockage caused by poor exhaust, the car will appear back pressure rise, power down, engine control injection is not stable, fuel consumption will greatly increase, while the car's power will also be seriously lack of engine temperature may be too high to cause engine damage, and even cause vehicle spontaneous combustion and other problems.

Therefore, the catalytic converter must be replaced regularly!

How often do catalytic converters change?

The service life of the catalytic converter is only 30,000-50,000 kilometers on average, every 10,000 kilometers, the catalytic converter will be damaged by at least 10%, and once the catalytic converter is damaged, it is basically irreparable, so every 30,000 kilometers, the catalytic converter needs to be replaced.

Timely replacement of catalytic converter can not only ensure that the exhaust gas in line with emission standards, but also improve fuel atomization performance and combustion efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, tested GRWA catalytic converter can save at least 5% - 20% of fuel. Besides, it can significantly improve the power performance, thus extending the service life of the engine.


Here remind that when you buy a catalytic converter, please recognize the products that meet the standards and reviews. GRWA's catalytic converter has passed EPA certification and has been exported to the United States, Australia and other countries for a long time, fully meeting the emission standards all over the world. The quality of the product has been approved by car enthusiasts for many years.

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