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Audi A4(B5 B6) Stainless Steel 201+ Mirror Polished Exhaust Downpipe

GW-VWAD-DP005 exhaust downpipe, During the welding of flanges and pipes, three plastic surgery operations are performed, and special SA positioning can be used to make the flanges flat. Three times of welding can improve customer satisfaction. Use ultrasonic cleaning to clean the pipes to ensure that there are no impurities inside. Grade A brushing can be Make the surface more textured and beautiful, and use three-layer packaging to improve customer satisfaction and recognition.
  • GW-VWAD-DP005

  • GRWA

  • ISO9001:2000/SGS/TUV/BV/TS16949

  • Universal

  • Universal

  • Standard OR Support For Custom

  • Support For Custom

  • 3MM

  • 2 Years

  • Qingdao Port or Other Designated Ports

  • Top-Class

  • Stainless Steel 304

  • Mirror Polished

  • With In 15 Days

  • Mig,Tig,Golden

  • By Sea, Air

  • Brown inner box + outer box. Or customized carto


Audi A4(B5 B6) Stainless Steel 201+ Mirror Polished Exhaust Downpipe

exhaust downpipe

exhaust downpipe


GW-VWAD-DP005 exhaust downpipe, Three times of flange shaping, S-A positioning

Three times plastic surgery during welding the flange with the pipe and using special the S-A positioning that can be make the flange flat.This can make sure the headers assemble easily and save labor cost.

exhaust downpipe

GW-VWAD-DP005 exhaust downpipe, Three times welding

Three times welding--first Tig welding can make the products stronger without breakage, then Fish Scale welding can make the products more beautiful,the last is gold welding delicacy ,Three times welding can make the products an-ti-knock in the bad driving environment, decrease the mait-aince cost, improve the customers satisfaction.Using the SS316L material welding wire which can make the welding more stronger,resistant to rust, it will not leakage duering the using life. which can improve customer satisfaction, enhance customer stickiness, increase customer order quantity.

exhaust downpipe

GW-VWAD-DP005 exhaust downpipe, Unique tooling positioning

Each production progress will have the special position tooling to make the product will be correct and this can make sure the exhaust downpipe assemble well to save the asseble cost,improve the efficiency.

exhaust downpipe

GW-VWAD-DP005 exhaust downpipe, Strict quality control

Strick quality control, each product should be checked by the accurate fixture tools to make sure each product will not have the assemble products. which can improve customer satisfac-tion, enhance customer stickiness, increase customer order quantity.

GW-VWAD-DP005 exhaust downpipe, Ultrasonic cleaning pipeline

Pipe was cleaned by the ultrasonic wave to make sure there is no impurity inside. Special handling make the pipe inside smooth without the rag to keep the pipe air flow. Stable per-formance and high experience which get the good reputa-tion from customers and enhance the customer stickiness.

exhaust downpipe

GW-VWAD-DP005 exhaust downpipe, A grade polishing

Grade A polishing can make the surface more brighter and beautiful,which can increase unit price, increase profit margin and improve customer recognition.

exhaust downpipe

GW-VWAD-DP005 exhaust downpipe,Three-layer packaging

We use three-layer packaging, Wrap the anti-oxidation film firstly to prevent product from being oxidized and maintain the luster of the product.Then wrap the pearl cotton and bubble bag to protect the product from damage during trans-portation,which can save repackaging cost, improve custom-er satisfaction and recognition.

exhaust downpipe


Qingdao Greatwall Automotive Parts Co.Ltd located in Qingd-ao,Shandong province,As a tier 1 to car parts makers,we specialized in the research,development and pro-duction of vehicle aftermaket ac-cessories for a variety of vehicles such as Pick us,jeeps,SUVS Vans and Sedans.

GRWA stick to"customer first'business princi-ples,in good faith pursuit of high quality, professional Qur team The office attitude to respect customer win-win concept,with super speed passion for leading after market in the dlirec-tion of the industry.

exhaust downpipe

exhaust downpipeexhaust downpipeexhaust downpipe

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