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Do you know how to choose the three marking methods?

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Have you ever looked at the logo on the accessory? Do you know the difference between different marking techniques? In this article, GRWA will reveal the three impressive marking methods of laser marking, stamping marking and hydrographics transfer printing to help you effectively determine which one is most suitable for the product you want.。

Laser marking——an excellent choice to make the product quality stand out


Laser marking is a high-precision marking method. Its basic principle is to use a high-energy-density laser heat source to evaporate or oxidize the material on the product surface to form a clear and lasting mark.

Compared with traditional marking methods, laser marking has the advantages of fast marking speed, high precision and low consumption. And with the improvement of technology, we can change the displayed color by controlling the laser energy and parameters, and realize the color gradient marking.

All products made of stainless steel can be laser marked.

Stamping marking——accurate and economical mass marking method


Stamping marking is a marking method widely used in the industrial field. Its principle is to use high-pressure stamping equipment to impact metal materials, so as to stamp out fine, three-dimensional icons on the product surface at one time.

Compared with the traditional logo production method, stamping marks in addition to the advantages of fast marking, but also has higher accuracy and richer modeling cognition, making it more visually attractive, especially the stamping mark is made of high-quality metal materials, has excellent durability, can withstand the test of various harsh environments, and can remain bright as new for a long time.

Compared with laser marking, stamping marking has the characteristics of low cost and large-scale production, and is suitable for any stainless steel product you want to mark.

Hydro-transfer printing——Fashionable Choice to Stand Out in the Trend of Personalization


If you are looking for personalized and unique products, then the hydrographics transfer printing label is your best choice!  Hydrographics transfer printing is a technique in which a special pattern or image is engraved on the surface of a product, and the pattern is transferred to the product through a colored film suspended in water. This marking method is widely used in carbon fiber products.

The biggest advantage of the hydrographics transfer printing label is its flexibility and diversity, which can completely fit the pattern to a variety of shapes and surfaces, and is not easy to peel, wear or fade, meeting consumers' pursuit of personalization


Through the introduction of this article, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of laser marking, stamping marking and hydrographics transfer printing marking. Whether you want to pursue higher quality or personalized fashion, you can get the most satisfactory service from GRWA. Our professional service staff will designate the most suitable marking method for you according to your needs. For details, please contact us.

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