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Do you know the black color difference between exhaust tips?

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For many car enthusiasts who have just entered the tuning circle, appearance is often the factor that can stimulate their first desire to buy. A good appearance not only makes the car more attention, but also increases their tacit understanding with the car in subtle use.

So, more and more colors filled in the entire exhaust system, which is luxurious and calm and atmospheric black is highly favored by car enthusiasts, it must be noted that the black product can be divided into a total of Common Spray  black painting,  titanium  black plating, sand blasting,high temperature powder black painting and  ceramic coating these five styles.

These processes are not only different manufacturing processes, presenting different effects, but also create products with different characteristics. The following is a detailed analysis of the different processes of black products we summarize for you, I believe we can help you in the purchase of products.

1.  Common Spray Black painting

Black painted is the most common process of manufacturing black products, generally black paint has a glossy paint and matte paint, black paint used here are heat-resistant 220 ℃, anti-corrosion, anti-rust paint, although the product can play a certain protective role, but the black surface layer is relatively weak, and the performance of black paint is not outstanding enough, so it can not guarantee that the product will not be damaged for a long time.

The process of black painted is not complicated, only the tail pipe needs to be sanded, wiped, clean, you can use the spray gun for painting operations, followed by the product into the oven for 30 minutes of 100 degrees baking can be completed.


2. Titanium black painting

Titanium itself is an alloy material with high strength, low density, high melting point and extremely strong corrosion resistance, so the wear resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of black titanium are in the leading level, according to the test of black titanium plated products can resist more than 10 years of salt spray corrosion, more than 30 years of ultraviolet light exposure without discoloration and 5000 times friction without fading. In addition, the products with black titanium plating have good color and luster, neither easy to appear color difference, nor easy to separate.

However, the production process of black titanium plating is more complicated. After polishing and cleaning the product, it has to be put into the black titanium plating furnace first, and this process requires not only vacuuming while feeding argon gas, but also flushing acetylene after 4-5 minutes. After this step is completed, the furnace will be washed and the second furnace will be plated with titanium only after it meets the standard.



3. High temperature powder black painting

Spraying is actually the principle of electrostatic field adsorption, when we load the spray gun with spraying powder, spraying powder in the spray gun mouth will be squeezed air because of high pressure electrostatic and the formation of electrostatic field, each grain of powder will be firmly adsorbed to the surface of the product under the action of electrostatic force, thus forming a stable coating.

It is worth noting that, due to the high speed spraying will generate high temperature, so the spraying powder are resistant to high temperature material, in order to enhance adhesion, after the completion of spraying also need to put the product into the oven at 300 degrees Celsius baking 30 minutes to do.

Although the spraying method is simple and the coating quality is stable, but also has the disadvantage of the product surface is not easy to repair and the cost is high.


4. Sand Blasting

The principle of sandblasting is very simple, that is, the abrasive material is sprayed at high speed to the workpiece to be treated to show that the texture of abrasive, in this process, we use the shot blasting machine to polish the abrasive material to the size required by the customer, in addition we usually use steel balls as abrasive.

Sandblasted workpieces all show a frosted texture, indicating a smooth and flat appearance, which is the most popular appearance packaging method today.


5.  Ceramic Coating

Baked ceramics need to be based on the color card number first ceramic ware color mixing, after spraying ceramic ware put into the oven at 200 ℃ baking 60 minutes. Although the principle and spray paint is similar, but the upper limit of high temperature resistance between the two is completely different.


To sum up, the five black products in the material, performance, production process, baking temperature and baking time are different, the final product effect and characteristics also vary, you can choose the right product manufacturing process according to their needs and preferences.

In fact, no matter which process is used, a professional and reliable team is needed to make the black products show their maximum charm. GRWA, as a veteran company standing in the global auto parts field for 10 years, has absolute strength in this regard, on the one hand, because GRWA has a team of more than 100 professionals with considerable experience in the development and production of parts, and on the other hand, because GRWA has set up With several factory workshops equipped with new imported equipment, GRWA can not only meet the requirements of making various products, but also provide more customization opportunities for customers.

If you choose us, you choose professionalism.Waiting for your inquiry and look forward to starting our cooperation.

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