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Do you want to replace your exhuats tips for a better one?

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Many car enthusiasts will modify the car exhaust tips, then you know how much knowledge of the car exhaust tips modification? Today we are going to find out.


The role of the tips

Exhaust tips is also called "Automobile tips" "exhaust pipe", it is installed in the tail of the automobile exhaust pipe components.

Most owners retrofit the exhaust tips mainly because it can make the rear of the vehicle more beautiful.  In fact, in addition to decoration, the tips can prevent the deformation of the automobile exhaust pipe and play the effect of pressurization and turbulence. In addition, the tips can soften the sound of the exhaust pipe to a certain extent, thus reducing the driving noise.

  • Distinguish tips based on material:

At present, the popular tips on the market is mostly made of stainless steel, mild steel, carbon fiber, titanium alloy and other materials, which also produces different prices and uses.

  • Stainless steel tips:

Stainless steel is smooth as a mirror, well made, with a sense of weight in the hand, the most important is not easy to deformation corrosion resistance, but the price is slightly higher. In the stainless steel material, according to the different nickel content can also be subdivided into stainless steel 304, 201 and 409 three kinds of stainless steel, stainless steel 304 nickel content and corrosion resistance are higher than the other two, and it is not easy to leave fingerprints, so the price is also the highest among the three kinds of stainless steel material.


  • Mild steel tips material

The carbon content in the mild steel steel tips is usually less than 0.5%. Although the hardness is low, it has good toughness and poor corrosion resistance. Although the surface will be galvanized or chromplated/electroplated, the zinc film will gradually fall off over time, and the surface will be corroded.   So the price is cheaper, generally used in trucks.


  • Carbon fiber material tips

Carbon fiber tips refers to the addition of a layer of carbon fiber shell outside the stainless steel material. This non-metallic material has high strength and density. Combined with the currently popular 3K twill processing method in the market, carbon fiber tips looks more high-grade and beautiful.


  • Titanium alloy tips material

Titanium alloy tips can achieve the effect of lightweight, because titanium alloy low density, light weight, can reduce the tips load pressure, at the same time, titanium alloy material high strength, strong corrosion resistance, is one of the most popular tips materials, but titanium alloy is also the most expensive tips materials.


Classification of tips specifications:

Exhaust tips are manufactured according to various vehicle exhaust pipe size standards, so there are many specifications for owners to choose from. Generally, we will divide the tips into general tips and special tips. The general tips is mainly used in cars, sports cars, racing cars, jeeps, etc.

Special tips is for some models, generally Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Land Rover models more.

According to the shape of the exhaust port, the tips is mainly divided into rounded port, square port and diamond port. According to the number of exhaust pipes, tips can be divided into single tips, double tips and mixed special tips. It is worth mentioning that the truck tip belongs to a separate class, usually used in pickup trucks and heavy trucks, the material is generally 304 polishing, 409 painting, low carbon steel galvanized, etc.


Tips surface treatment:

Some people look at this and ask, is the tips exactly the same as long as the material and specifications are the same? Not really, because you're probably ignoring how the tips is finished, which can affect the final look of the tips. Usually the tips surface treatment methods include polishing, titanium plating, carbon fiber, spray paint, galvanized, chrome plating, our hot selling is three layers of plating products, two layers of nickel plating and one layer of chromium plating, salt spray test to reach 8 level or above.

Installation of tips:

Once the entire tips production process is complete, the final step is installation. There are three main ways to install tips: welding, clamp and screw (internal slot). One of the more popular is the second clamp installation, because the process is simple without replacing any parts, only need to do a good job in the clamp out of the connection.


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Don't think that the car tips is just an insignificant part, but it can affect the overall appearance of the vehicle level, don't you want to make your car shine?

Come and follow us to take you to know more about the fun of car modification!

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