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GRWA Production Process Revealed!

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The production process is an integral part of GRWA, and it is the key to on-time delivery of customer orders. However, there are many neglected key links hidden in the process, and each link carries huge challenges and risks. Today, we will reveal the four key links in our process, in order to let everyone have a more comprehensive understanding of our services.

The stable construction of the production system

The production system is very important. We regularly evaluate production capacity by ourselves, starting from upgrading equipment and improving the production effect, and constantly improving our production system. The purpose is to improve product quality and produce high-standard, high-precision spare parts in a timely manner to meet customers needs.


Confirm the order and start the stocking plan

When the sales department receives the order, the salesman, production department person in charge, and manager will conduct a comprehensive business review, including contract approval, cost details, order details, etc., to ensure that all written content is accurate. At the same time, professionals are needed to evaluate the production process and cycle, and make an estimated schedule.


Material Procurement and production coordination, accurate control the progress

After the order is confirmed, GRWA will issue an order notice to the storage department according to the product characteristics, requiring them to count, check, process and arrange the goods according to the order, among which the quality, specification and quantity of the goods are the key to checking.

At the same time, our team will also cooperate closely with each other to ensure that the products are completed on time and meet customer requirements and standards. Only by accurately grasping the progress can we take corresponding measures in advance to deal with potential production risks and ensure business went well.


Quality inspection and packaging to provide customers with quality products

Quality control during stocking is the last line of defense to ensure product quality. We will carry out strict quality inspection on the goods to ensure that the products meet the requirements and standards of customers. At the same time, we will also carry out exquisite packaging to provide customers with high-quality product experience. Whether it is internal quality control or appearance packaging, GRWA strives to present the best products to customers.



The production process is an indispensable part of GRWA and an important guarantee for customer satisfaction. Through order confirmation, material procurement and production coordination, quality inspection and packaging, we can provide customers with high-quality products and ensure that customer orders go smoothly.

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