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GRWA cooperates with universities to build Teaching practice base

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On the morning of April 7, 2023, GRWA and foreign languages college of Qingdao City University held a ceremony to sign a contract to build a teaching internship base and join hands to create a model talent training entity integrating the functions of talent training, scientific research, technological innovation and enterprise services.

Ms. Li, President of GRWA, attended the ceremony with the project leader and delivered a speech. In her speech, Ms. Li introduced the current development of GRWA and shared in detail about GRWA's product industry services, talent training system and future development plans.


GRWA was established in 2013, as a global layout of technology innovation enterprise, we focus on the research and development, production and sales of auto parts, the main OEM modified car exhaust system, cooling system and other accessories export trade. Our customers are over the world in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, in the global auto parts market with a certain degree of popularity.

GRWA is also committed to scientific and technological innovation and transformation of results, with high standards and high quality requirements production line, constantly iterate a variety of cutting-edge technology, and strive to continue to breakthrough new product development achievements. That’s because we want to provide customers with a full range of professional products and services.

GRWA has paved a foreign trade industry community with unlimited potential by virtue of advanced technology, exquisite craftsmanship, perfect system and forward thinking. What’s more, we has won market recognition and customer trust with good product quality and business reputation, occupying high market holdings all over the world.


In recent years, the automotive field has shown great vitality, facing the massive market growth rate, GRWA upholds the people-oriented talent training concept and invests special funds every year for employees to improve their professional knowledge and skills, providing each employee with a platform for development while also giving more innovative opportunities so that all of them can be based on the forefront of the industry and improve their strength.

The cooperation with the university is not only beneficial to GRWA's scientific and technological innovation and expansion of more R&D directions, but also helps to improve students' practical ability and professional skills. The leadership of the university also expressed their hope that both sides can give full play to their respective advantages and take the opportunity to build a teaching internship base to realize the beautiful vision of cooperation and development together, and also believe that with the support of many parties, this school-enterprise cooperation will be more comprehensive and in-depth, and continue to bear fruitful results.


Afterwards, a signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation was held in GRWA conference room, where representatives from both sides reached a consensus and completed the signing of the teaching internship base.


The cooperation of co-construction of teaching practice base aims to deepen the integration of industry and education, innovating school-enterprise cooperation mode, providing talent support and intellectual support for improving industrial competitiveness and gathering new momentum of development, and provide a new model for similar universities to be replicated and promoted.

GRWA expressed that it would fully support the relevant cooperation projects, implement the relevant resources required for school-enterprise cooperation, continue to contribute to the support and assistance for the integration of industry-education and school-enterprise cooperation, actively practice the social responsibility of an excellent enterprise, and make due contributions to economic development and social progress.

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