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Learn all about flexible pipes

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There is such a magical exhaust parts, it is known as the industry's "master of bending", but also in the field of transportation "Transformers", although it seems to be ordinary, in fact, has a strong flexibility and bending performance, it is the flexible pipes.


What are flexible pipes?

Flexible pipe is a tubular component with a unique structure, which consists of many concentric annular corrugations with high flexibility and bending performance. This tubular structure is mainly used in places where bending and deformation properties are required, such as automobiles, airplanes, rockets and other means of transportation, as well as the chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceuticals and other industries have a wide range of applications.

What are flexible pipes for?


The main function of flexible pipes is to provide bending properties, which can easily adapt to various shapes of piping systems in a variety of complex environments. For example, in transportation vehicles such as automobiles, airplanes, rockets, etc., flexible pipes can be used as a piping system connecting various components, taking on the transmission of important parameters such as pressure, temperature, and flow rate in the pipeline. It can ensure the stable operation of piping system in various harsh environments.

And in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other fields, flexible pipes can also be used as a compensator to undertake the transmission of liquids and gases in the case of thermal expansion, cold contraction or vibration, to maintain the stability of piping system and ensure the smooth transmission of fluids.

Of course, because of their excellent bending properties, flexible pipes can also be used to create complex three-dimensional shapes to meet the needs of specific applications. This characteristic makes flexible pipes play an important role in many manufacturing fields.

Weight of flexible pipes vs. weight of regular steel pipe

The weight of a flexible pipes depends mainly on its material and size. Generally speaking, the denser the material, the heavier the weight of a flexible pipe of the same size.

However, compared with ordinary steel pipes, no matter what materials are used for flexible pipes, it is not too heavy. This is because the special structural design of the flexible pipes makes the weight distribution more even, making the piping system more stable. Taking stainless steel bellows as an example, its weight is comparable to that of ordinary steel pipes, but its bending performance is far superior to that of ordinary steel pipes.

What is the effect of wave number on flexibility?


The flexibility of flexible pipes is affected by a number of factors, one of the most important of which is the wave number. Simply put, the more waves, the better the flexibility of the bellows, it can be bent to a greater extent, and therefore more susceptible to fatigue failure under the influence of bending stress.

In addition to the shortened service life, the increase in the number of waves will also make the production cost increase, so when you buy corrugated pipe, according to the actual application of the relationship between the number of waves and flexibility to weigh.


All in all, flexible pipes as a kind of tubular gods with amazing bending performance, in the car modification can enhance the performance of the car, reduce the noise, improve the driving comfort, but also has a very good durability and space-saving effect, I believe that you must have a preferred model, so whether it is suitable for you or not? Contact us for one-on-one service!

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