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#March new trade# Follow our camera to visit the first factory of GRWA

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Recently, the special service team of GRWA visited the first factory of GRWA brand. The whole event starts at 1:00 pm and ends at 5:00 pm and lasts for a total of four hours. This visit mainly includes two parts: 1. Workshop visit and inspection; 2. Holding the 2022 customer service symposium.


Regarding the live of this event, we have arranged for the special live broadcaster to broadcast live. For details, please click the link below to review:

1. Official Facebook:


2. Official INS:



The first factory of GRWA brand is one of the "four series and four factories" under GRWA. It was established in 2013 and is the earliest production base established by it. The first factory is different from the national layout of the later GRWA territory development. The factory covers the planning options of near-port and near-industry. It is located in Qingdao, the birthplace of the brand, which is known as "Oriental Switzerland". It is the foundation for growing and developing together with the brand.

The first factory of GRWA brand is the smallest production base in GRWA, with more than 50 employees and an area of 3,000 square meters. Including: production center, testing center, storage center, transportation center. Among them, the "G-ONE Auto Lab" established in 2018 is located in the testing center of this base.


For a detailed review of "G-ONE Auto Lab", please click the link:

GRWA and Qingdao University School of Vehicle Engineering Joint Scientific Research Automobile Laboratory


Since the beginning of 2021, GRWA has established a special customer service group to advocate brand upgrade, advocate "customer demand-oriented", strengthen customer service from the management mechanism, improve the service concept from the corporate culture, and improve customer satisfaction from the system guarantee. The purpose of the customer service system is "customer is always the first", and advocates the core service concept of "good customer service image, good technology, good customer relationship, and good brand". It is required to use the most professional service team to pay attention to every customer's service needs in a timely and comprehensive manner, and provide customers with ubiquitous satisfaction and trustworthy intimate feelings by providing extensive, comprehensive and fast services.

With the establishment of the special service group, in 2021, GRWA will carry out a series of interactions such as training, visits, school-enterprise cooperation, new product push, invitation to attend major exhibitions, etc., to continue to spread the influence of the brand and improve the service capabilities of the brand.

Review of the past :

GRWA with Qingdao University jointly organize to "Professional Services · Training Top Specialized Talents" Series of activities


When the big factory begins to fight, If you still wait and see, you will miss the opportunity.


In this workshop visit, let's follow the camera to take a look at our production line !


The new big machine in the workshop, a fully automatic intelligent cutting machine, the cutting error can be controlled within a few millimeters.


Feel it at close range~~~



Everyone should be familiar with pipe bending machines and punching machines~~



Of course, welding and positioning detection are all basic operations for us!

Under the GRWA brand, mufflers, tips, and headers are all welded with 316L Welding wire, and three times of welding are performed. The welds are firm and not rusted or broken; Grade A polishing, the surface is smoother and brighter; Unique check fixture positioning welding technology , One version for one car, to ensure the adaptability of the product, easy to install, durable and no need return to factory repairs required.



At the day, the workshop was producing automobile mufflers. As shown in the picture, our workers are doing the operation of "winding steel wool".

The workers in GRWA's factories are all front-line veterans with many years of work experience, skilled in technology, quality and quantity.

You can follow our official INS account INS:@grwa.auto.motive

and the official Facebook account: Greatwall automotive parts Co.Ltd to look the Production dynamic videos .

Mature production lines and standard production processes are the premise and foundation for guaranteeing orders and stabilizing delivery.





The special team is on site.

With the end of the special team's on-site inspection and visit, all members held a 2022 customer service symposium in the conference room of the first factory.

The meeting put forward new service requirements of "newer, faster and better".

newer - In 2022, the technology research and development department will continue to provide more high-quality products to the market, such as the popular "bullet" tailpipe series that was launched in 2021, to provide our customers and friends with more product choices.

Technological innovation, increase production capacity, optimize product processes, and ensure product quality.

Faster - faster response, faster service, faster delivery.

Better - better service, better quality, better evaluation.


The "New Trade Festival" in March is still going on, and we will provid e the new product list and price strategy for you.

Any needs, please contact us!

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