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GRWA and Qingdao University School of Vehicle Engineering Joint Scientific Research Automobile Laboratory

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Recently, the school-enterprise cooperation joint advisory group visited the "G-ONE Automotive Laboratory" located in GRWA's first plant. This laboratory belongs to the first factory of GRWA Group. It was established in 2018. It is located in the product testing center of the first factory. It covers an area of 2,000 square meters, including automobile structure division, automobile inspection division, automobile cooling and exhaust system division, and fixed assets. The total value is 1.96 million yuan, and there are 3 equipments of more than 100,000 yuan. Among them, the modified parts inspection branch is a key construction project of the group, with 2 engineers and 15 technicians, covering an area of 1000 square meters.


Projects that the laboratory can carry out:

1. Evaluation of auto parts cleanliness

To ensure the quality and reliability of the complete product, it is necessary to strictly require the cleanliness of parts, improve the quality of use of automotive products, and make the products more competitive in the market.

2. Non-destructive analysis of auto parts

Through non-destructive testing, the production department can understand the product quality status, promote process improvement and reduce production costs, improve product quality, and ensure product safety.

3. Auto material performance test

Material property testing is one of the most common quality control methods in production. It is determined by specific values whether the material meets the requirements of the production. The basic component of the testing technology (usually used in the analysis of metal/ceramic materials in three-way catalytic converters) .


4.Fatigue and life testing of auto parts

Simulate the fatigue experiments of repeated stretching, compression, bending, torsion and bending of auto parts in actual car use, and evaluate the service life of parts.

“G-ONE Automotive Laboratory” is responsible for the R&D, experimentation, and testing of GRWA’s products. It is a strong guarantee for the quality of GRWA’s products. It is also the pioneer and backing for the practice of GRWA’s “Precise Workmanship” product service concept. It is  GRWA’s support It is an important manifestation of the respect for product quality, the rigorous heart of customer service, and the responsibility to industry standards.

Routine testing items include: shock force test, air tightness test, salt spray test, sound effect test, loading test, tooling fixture and other tests.



Regarding the follow-up cooperation content:

At the end of the scientific examination, the joint advisory group discussed and reached the intention of preparing for the construction of an "automotive engineering laboratory" with the Wufoo Division of GRWA Group.


The "WQ-NC Engineering Laboratory" to be prepared is a professional basic laboratory that mainly conducts research and development and testing of automotive smart products and electronic products, and is open to students of cooperative colleges and universities. The laboratory is equipped with automotive structural components and working diagrams of automotive circuit oil circuits. The planned construction area is 2,500 square meters, and the planned purchase of equipment and instruments is worth more than 5 million yuan. The experimental training center has a total of 9 professional training areas, a professional classroom integrating theory and practice, a simulation training room, and a product marketing exhibition area, which can accommodate 500 students for training and teaching every day. The laboratory is planned to be equipped with 22 experimental and training vehicles, including various high-end cars of American, German, Japanese, Korean and domestic. After completion, Qingdao University will transfer some key scientific research projects to the laboratory for development, and the college is an expert in refitting accessories. And the professors will stay in the laboratory regularly to conduct project research and joint testing with GRWA R&D staff. GRWA enjoys the priority right to recruit outstanding graduates in each period.

The "WQ-NC Automotive Engineering Laboratory" plan will be officially launched in the second half of 2021, and will be officially launched in early 2022.

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