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No modification, no tide --please yourself with a Christmas gift

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2021 is coming to the end, People are passionate about car life. Even if the Covid-19 still threat the whole world.

The Dongguan International Auto Show (AIT) has just ended, and the 2021 Guangzhou International Auto Show is on schedule to start the final battle of the domestic auto market.

Looking at the international market, the Los Angeles Auto Show (Los Angeles 2021 International Auto Show) is underway for the first time in a year. The classic modified car exhibition opened in Worcestershire and the new VR auto show in Japan this year.




The pursuit and enthusiasm for car modification seem to be completely unaffected by the Covid-19. For example, when Japan is unable to conduct offline exhibitions, it still pushes modification-related content through new technologies. And, AMTS (Automobil&Tuning Show)  has already started to preheating 2022, Budapest station, a new carnival is coming soon!


Car modification has shifted the focus from products to people. When talking about car modification in the past, we always talk about brands that are more influential. Now when we look at car modification, everyone pays more attention to the cultural significance of this series and the "service power" conveyed by the brand.


Taking the current Los Angeles Auto Show as an instance, more brands have launched more practical and personalized products. When major brands launch hybrid vehicles, "power", "off-road", and "packaging" are often common vocabulary words used in propaganda. And these words are precisely driven by the market demand that consumers take into account both "personal experience" and "price experience". Labels should be reluctant to be considered by consumers that they are not flexible, so in addition to launching more customized products, they are also keen to launch and participate in more "modified experience" activities.


For avid car players, driving it home is far from the end. Growing up, progressing with it, and getting better together is the most romantic thing in the eyes of car fans. And this is also the most fascinating part of the modified gameplay.

FAW-Volkswagen opens a new model modification competition in 2021.


The big wheels, contrasting colors, and painting bring a trendy fashion. The chassis, brakes, shock absorbers, and sound declare the public’s ultimate pursuit of control.


Exactly, modification is not a niche hobby, but the excitement and joy of more people.

Just like the auto exhibitions carried out all over the world this year, no matter what new and trendy types are produced, "customization" is the collective recognition of all brands, and even manufacturers have slogans "customization when they leave the factory". However, the author believes that customization is the "discussion and choice" of consumers' independent participation, rather than the "aesthetics and needs" imposed by the so-called trend.

Just like GRWA’s corporate spirit "customer-centric, struggling-oriented".


Coming from the "racing gene", it serves civilian cars and satisfies every consumer who loves transformation.


Design and manufacture, both practical and beautiful. The categories are complete, comfortable and trendy.



GRWA has a complete and mature production process and a large enough preparation space, matching advanced production equipment, and an excellent design team. The products not only serve traditional cars, luxury cars, and supercars, but also popular hybrid car products. Supply, 1000+ brand service system, to meet any car intake, exhaust, and car smart series products you need, including you who love motorcycles and want to improve power.

In addition, we accept customized services, not limited to drawing for you, our design team can help you complete the corresponding VI design and brand packaging services.



Christmas is approaching, and the hard and rewarding year of 2021 is about to pass. Are you ready to reward yourself and your car for going to each other?

No modification, no tide, just like changing new clothes, even if you just replace a tail pipe or a surround for it, it is the pursuit of appreciation and enjoyment of life for it for a year.

For more services, please consult me!


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