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Temprature resitance evaluation of various pipes surface treatment

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Last week, we organized several black pipes surface treatment process. I believe you must be clear that different surface treatment process has different performance advantages, but recently there are still many car enthusiasts raised new questions:

What exactly is the difference in their heat resistance with so many surface treatments ? How should we make a choice?

Today GRWA compiled a heat resistance reference book, including plastic spraying, titanium blue painting ,high temperature black coating, titanium black painting, ceramic black coating and other most common surface treatment.It is convenient for everyone to have a better understanding and choose the more suitable pipes.


1、Plastic Spraying : heat resistance ★,can withstand high temperature 170℃-200℃, some materials temperature resistance 450℃ -500 ℃

Spraying plastic is actually a surface treatment method of spraying electrostatic powder on parts. Although the spraying plastic powder uses high-temperature resistant materials, there are also two kinds of ordinary paint powder and high-temperature paint powder.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary paint powder can withstand the temperature of 170℃-200℃, while high temperature paint powder can withstand the temperature of 450 ℃ -500 ℃. Once the temperature exceeds the threshold, the coating will turn yellow and affect the coating quality.


2、Titanium blue painting : heat resistance ★★, withstand high temperature 200℃-300℃

Blue vacuum coating method: placed in the vacuum chamber of magnetic control coating machine, the vacuum chamber filled with argon gas; Cr bottom film was prepared by vacuum magnetron sputtering on the substrate surface of the workpiece. Cr-ti transition film was prepared by vacuum magnetron sputtering on Cr substrate.

TINO blue film was prepared by vacuum magnetron sputtering on Cr-Ti transition film. TINO blue film is coated with AF transparent protective film. The blue film plated by the invention is bright in color, easy to erase hand prints, easy to change color and resistant to high temperature of 200℃-300℃.



3、High temperature black coating: heat resistance ★★★, withstand high temperature about 400℃.

Black paint is usually used for high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, rust resistance paint, the heat resistance of this black paint can only withstand the temperature of 400℃, difficult to resist higher use temperature. For those who spray black paint, you can choose to spray gloss paint and matte paint according to your needs. The picture below shows the effect of matte paint.


4、Titanium black painting: heat resistance ★★★★, withstand high temperature 700℃-800℃.

The essence of titanium plating is the formation of a titanium film on the surface of stainless steel, and this process needs to be carried out in a vacuum and high temperature environment, so the high temperature resistance of titanium plating isn't to be underestimated, can withstand the high temperature of about 700℃, once the temperature exceeds the critical value will begin to oxidation discoloration, even hardness gradually reduced.


5、Ceramic black painting : heat resistance ★★★★★ ★, withstand high temperature 800℃.

Ceramic baking refers to the use of a spray gun to spray ceramic paint on the workpiece, and then put into the oven baking, in this process, the ceramic thermal barrier coating material has a high coefficient of thermal expansion and good thermal impact resistance, can withstand the highest temperature of 800℃, is one of the most popular processes.


Heat resistance is not the only criterion for purchasing workpieces, because different surface treatments has different visual effects, and also differences in corrosion resistance and wear resistance. So kindly choose the most suitable style according to your use requirement and environment when purchasing.

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