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The "pipe Brothers" in The Exhaust System: Manifolds And Downpipes

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A vehicle's exhaust system is composed of an exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler, and the steel pipes connecting them. The structure may seem simple, but in fact, even a small exhaust pipe contains a lot of knowledge. The manifold and downpipe in the exhaust system sound similar, like the "pipe brothers" in the exhaust system, but they actually play different roles in different locations.


Installation locations are different

The exhaust manifold is an important component that connects the engine and exhaust pipe. Its installation position has an important impact on engine performance and emissions. The correct installation position can improve the engine's power and combustion efficiency and reduce emission pollution.First of all, the location of the exhaust manifold is related to the number of cylinders in the engine. For a single-cylinder engine, only one exhaust manifold is required, mounted above the cylinder head. For multi-cylinder engines, each cylinder requires an exhaust manifold. These exhaust manifolds need to be merged into a total exhaust manifold and then connected to the exhaust pipe.

Secondly, the location of the exhaust manifold is also affected by the layout of the engine and the vehicle model. Some vehicles have front-mounted engines, and the exhaust manifold needs to extend from the front to the back and then connect to the exhaust pipe. Some vehicles have rear-mounted engines, and the exhaust manifold needs to extend from the rear to the front. In addition, the shape and length of the exhaust manifold of different models will also be different, so the installation location will also be different.

Finally, the installation location of the exhaust manifold is also restricted by emission standards. Some countries and regions stipulate that exhaust manifolds must be installed in specific locations to meet emission standards. These regulations are usually based on data from laboratory tests and road trials.

In general, the exhaust manifold installation diagram is more complex, and needs to be designed and installed according to the specific engine and vehicle model. Therefore, when replacing or installing exhaust manifolds, it is necessary to seek professional technical support and guidance to ensure that the installation position is correct, and engine performance and emissions can be optimized and improved.


Compared with the installation position of the manifold, the installation position of the bend only depends on the position of the overall exhaust system. It connects the exhaust manifold, catalyst and silencer in the exhaust system. Because the vehicle produces high temperature during the driving process, after the bend, try to avoid the seat, so as not to burn at the same time can not be close to the heat-resistant material, so the first half will choose to install in the middle of the car, but the second half must pay attention to avoid the position of the fuel tank, otherwise the high temperature and the mailbox together will not open consequences. Finally, through the lowest position of the chassis prone to scratch, the bend is suspended in the middle, while not affecting the flow of exhaust gas.


Functions are different

The exhaust manifold is connected to each cylinder, and finally the exhaust manifold merges into a single pipe. The exhaust manifold has two important functions: it allows the exhaust gases discharged from the cylinder to enter the exhaust pipe; in addition, it uses the heat of the exhaust pipe to preheat the intake manifold, which can preheat the new mixture entering the intake manifold. This further atomizes it, which is more conducive to the combustion of the mixture.

Cars all have exhaust manifolds. If the engine has four cylinders, there are four exhaust manifolds. If the engine has eight cylinders, there are eight exhaust manifolds.

The main function of the downpipe is to dissipate heat and silence. Many friends who own or love cars have always wondered why car exhaust pipes are curved? The first is for better heat dissipation. When the engine is running continuously, a huge amount of heat will be generated, and at this time, the temperature of the exhaust gas discharged from the cylinder is very high, up to more than 800 degrees. The downpipe allows the exhaust gas to have more time to slowly reduce its temperature when it is discharged. In addition to the heat dissipation function, the elbow also has the function of silencing sound. When gasoline burns violently in the cylinder, it will make a huge noise, and the elbow-connected muffler plays a role in silencing it.

To sum up, manifolds and downpipes are also important parts of the automobile exhaust system, but their installation locations and functions are different. For car enthusiasts, choosing the right manifolds and downpipes is one of the important factors in ensuring engine performance and reliability. If you want to know more about auto accessories, please follow us, or browse our website directly for consultation.

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