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Three-way catalytic converter: the hero of environmental protection

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Although automobiles are the most convenient means of transportation, automobile exhaust is indeed one of the important factors of environmental pollution. This is because the main pollutants emitted by automobile exhaust are carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, sulfides, lead and some solid particulate matter, etc. It can be said that automobile exhaust is equivalent to a mobile pollution source, which affects environmental health on a global scale.

At this time, we have to emphasize the most important external purification device installed in the exhaust system of the automobile - the three-way catalytic converter. The catalyst inside it can enhance the activity of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas, and promote the three The gas undergoes oxidation-reduction reactions under high temperature conditions, so that the pollutants harmful to the environment are converted into non-toxic carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen and oxygen, which will not pollute the environment when discharged into the atmosphere.


You must know that the pollution of automobile exhaust to the environment is not just as simple as affecting air quality. The most well-known is that these harmful gases are the main factor causing the greenhouse effect, because various compounds will undergo chemical reactions under conditions such as light and high temperature. More toxic substances are released, resulting in high levels of ozone in the surface air, aggravating the urban heat island effect and greenhouse effect, and deteriorating the urban environment.

In addition, automobile exhaust can also cause human respiratory diseases, reduce human immunity and even cause accumulation of various chronic diseases, which seriously damages health. Let's take a closer look at what threats the harmful gases in automobile exhaust pose to the human body.


1. Carbon monoxide

After carbon monoxide enters the human body through the respiratory tract, it will harm the central nervous system. In mild cases, it will affect people's perception, reaction, and memory. In severe cases, it will harm the blood circulation system and even cause death. So even a small amount of carbon monoxide can cause a terrible lack of oxygen.

2. Nitrogen oxides

Nitrogen oxides can cause bronchitis, pulmonary edema and other diseases, and long-term exposure to nitrogen oxides can also cause respiratory system dysfunction.

3. Hydrocarbons

The reaction of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides will form a photochemical smog, which can severely irritate the eyes and upper respiratory tract mucous membranes. Data show that a photochemical smog occurred in London in 1952, and the cumulative death toll was 4,000 more than the same period.

"Environmental protection" is the focus of attention in today's society. Protecting the environment is the responsibility and obligation that each of us should fulfill. It is also adhering to the concept of green driving and green management. GRWA constantly updates the three-way catalytic converter for helping car enthusiasts improve the conversion efficiency of automobile exhaust, reduce harmful gas emissions and reduce environmental pollution.


Here we would like to remind car owners that factors such as improper vehicle driving, catalyst deactivation, and chemical poisoning may cause the three-way catalytic converter to fail, and the general three-way catalytic converter is only used for 30,000-50,000 kilometers. If it is not replaced in time, it will not only make the the emission of harmful gases into the environment, but also affect the power of the vehicle, so everyone must replace the three-way catalytic converter regularly.


GRWA is looking forward to you joining our team of green driving and environmental protection!

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