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What are the symptoms of the car after the three-way catalytic converter is damaged

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Many friends have such questions, will the failure of the catalytic converter affect the start of the car?

The answer is no, and it is not caused by the use of diesel engines, but it will affect the annual review, fuel consumption, power, and exhaust of the car, because it is the first part of the exhaust, which is mainly responsible for filtering harmful substances in the exhaust.


Generally, The catalytic converters are made of ceramic carriers (GRWA product supply includes ceramic carriers and metal carriers). The internal catalyst is mainly composed of platinum, rhodium, and palladium. They can allow harmful gases generated after the engine to pass through. Oxidation and reduction will eventually become harmless carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water, forming a filtration of exhaust gas.

What are the symptoms of damage to the catalytic converter?

Once the three-way catalytic converter is damaged, the most obvious manifestation is that the rear of the car will emit a very pungent odor, because harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide cannot be filtered, and the most important thing is to cause irreversible pollution to the air, so the abnormal response is found. Check the three-way catalytic converter in time to see if it is blocked or damaged.


Vehicles driving in the city, due to poor fuel quality and road congestion, are likely to cause problems such as short life and easy clogging of the car’s catalytic converter, which will directly affect the normal operation of the oxygen sensor and cause the oxygen sensor to not be accurately controlled. Fuel consumption, air intake, and ignition will increase accordingly. In addition, it affects the intake air volume and causes the engine power to drop and the acceleration is weak. Because the exhaust gas cannot be discharged in time, it will inevitably cause back pressure and reverse flow. When the pressure exceeds the pressure value of the engine discharge, it recoils into the combustion chamber, and the engine will shake until Turn off the fire.


So how to solve the blockage? What should I do if it is damaged?

In fact, this problem is very easy to solve. If it is a clogging problem, it is a good way to disassemble and clean at present. Although 4S shops have a disassembly-free cleaning service, only those who have experienced it will know whether it is useful or not, so be careful when car maintenance As well.

If it is damaged, then it can be replaced directly. Currently, the Catalytic converter price on the market is relatively expensive, and most of the general-purpose models give users the intuitive feeling of "high cost", "inconvenient purchase", and "product is too single." ", "Poor user experience", etc.


We can consider the imported brand GRWA. The technicians designed according to the original factory supporting plan, matched the best design for various cars, coupled with professional mechanical knowledge, retained the advantages of the original factory, and finally designed a ternary that is environmentally friendly and dynamic. Catalytic Converter.

Focus on:

The catalytic converter is a very important but not very easy to damage car parts. The ideal catalytic converter product is the end of its natural life, so you must be cautious when choosing a brand.

GRWA's ex-factory products have undergone strict quality inspections to ensure service life. The product sequence is rich, and there are both general-purpose models and special-car models. The most intimate thing is to customize the order according to the needs of customers.





How to describe it? Have a factory, have technology, and willful!

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