What is the use of a car with an exhaust tip?

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Car exhaust tip, commonly known as exhaust pipe sleeve. It is a component installed at the end of the original exhaust. Although the exhaust pipe of a car is a small and unremarkable small part, its "face" also affects the face of the entire car. Imagine that if a car glowing in the sun, with dark tires and bright wheels, has an iron exhaust pipe that is dirty with exhaust gas, wouldn't it be a great scenery? But the exhaust pipes of many cars are made of the most common iron, and they are prone to rust when exposed to a long time.


This article contains the following:

  • What is the use of a car with an exhaust tip

  • Exhaust tip material

  • The price of the exhaust tip


1.What is the use of a car with an exhaust tip

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The exhaust tip is an accessory of the car, which can help the engine emit smoke and increase the vehicle's style. Technically, exhaust nozzles are powerless, so it is difficult to explain how they work. Because these techniques are easy to install, they have a high reputation in the automotive industry as an acclaimed "after-sales" upgrade.

Therefore, the correct question is how to choose the exhaust nozzle, rather than how to install the exhaust nozzle? Generally, you can find many types of styles, brands and shapes to use for exhaust plugs. Starting from rectangles, circles, squares and ellipses, the market is flooded with various types of exhaust nozzles. You can also find raw, polished and chrome variants of the exhaust nozzle on the market.

Usually, these exhaust ports can be fixed to the exhaust pipe of the car by screws. However, different variants can use welded joints or clamps. You can also install the exhaust pipe by simply sliding the exhaust pipe into the exhaust pipe. If your car has dual exhaust pipes, you can easily install stylish and beautiful exhaust pipes on the two pipes.


2.exhaust tip material

The material of the muffler decoration exhaust tip is stainless steel and galvanized. The stainless steel is as smooth as a mirror, well-made, and has a great sense of weight in the hand. In addition, it is not easy to deform, it is not easy to leave fingerprints, and it is super corrosion-resistant, so the price is higher, between 150 and 250 yuan. The exhaust tip of galvanized material, as the name suggests, is coated with a layer of zinc film on the outside of the iron, but after a long time, the zinc film will fall off and it will still be corroded, so the price is relatively cheap, more than 50 yuan. In terms of specifications, it is manufactured according to the size standards of the exhaust pipes of various cars, so there are a variety of specifications for owners of different cars to choose from. There are round mouth, square mouth and so on.


3.The price of the exhaust tip

The shape and design of the stainless steel exhaust tip are very different, so the price difference is also quite different. Some products are just a single exhaust pipe, there is no complicated pattern and design in the interior, such a style will be cheaper in the end. The internal structure of some products is very complicated. From the back, there are various patterns and shapes, which are very beautiful. This is more expensive.

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