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#A serious talk about modification# Don't let your imagination limit your modification ability

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(kindly notices, this is an annual review)

Anyone who has begun to understand the refitting industry or has become obsessed with the refitting industry seems to have had this experience. At the stage when he was a novice, everybody asked, "Look, how big is the room for refitting my car? Is it suitable for modification?” This is a joke in the modification area, especially many hardcore players will easily know that you are a rookie, so many people are unwilling to answer you, or give you a very perfunctory Answer. Today, I will take you to understand what a modification is and how to judge how much room a car has for modification.

☛┃Modification in the eyes of enthusiasts

Modification, as the name suggests, is to change the original shape and accessories of the vehicle, adjust it through certain technical aim to achieve the improvement of visual effects and the transformation of vehicle performance. In fact, most mainstream players in the current market are shallow modification. Of course, this is not the cold water of modification players. Why do you say that, because simply changing the appearance or interior will greatly improve the visual experience, or The modification of the chassis makes the car more sporty, and hardcore players will achieve the ultimate modification by changing the details of the engine or even replacing the engine.


(Past content:Exhaust modification, I want to be wild !

In the current compact family car field, there are indeed several models that are suitable for low-level modification. The reason why they are suitable for modification is mainly reflected in the following aspects. A sporty chassis, excellent mechanical grip, excellent hands-on control experience, excellent power, and a coupe style that pulls the wind, etc., are the basic qualities for modification.

Earlier we mentioned that modification belongs to the category of civil modification, and in the civil modification area, basically any car model can find some modification directions and angles more or less.


For example: If you want to enjoy the noble treatment of a luxury car in a low-end car, you only need a GRWA electric three-piece set, and you can easily improve the car enjoyment experience by several "levels."

In addition, the intelligent products on GRWA brand cars have started the "Thousand Machine Service" mode. In layman's terms, the factory technology is advanced and the car brands served are wide enough. As long as you want to lightly pack, you can find the products you want in GRWA.


In addition to light car modification, GRWA can also provide "lightweight" service products/product peripherals for civilian vehicles. For example: portable air pumps, vacuum cleaners, car refrigerators and other items.


While these products provide practicality, the designers of GRWA also care about the appearance!


And there is another area of racing-level modification. We will not discuss it in depth here, because almost every car in the WRC event is a family car on sale, but modification from the inside to the outside requires The financial resources and technical input are no less than the consumption of a top supercar. Or it can be understood that for the WRC level, the car itself is not very important, and the focus is on the professional level of the technicians and engineers, so we don't need to discuss too much.


(Past content:GRWA with Qingdao University jointly organize to "Professional Services · Training Top Specialized Talents" Series of activities

If you want to discuss in depth, it's not impossible. After all, GRWA's professional team is quite confident. You can leave a message for more professional questions~~

☛┃How does the ordinary view modified cars?


With the popularity of the modification market, more and more ordinary people have become more aware of modified cars. A brief summary of several modification methods that are generally annoying on the market:

Influence others:

1)The exhaust is changed to direct exhaust, removed the catalytic converter

The car with the catalyst removed does not directly discharge the exhaust gas, which causes great pollution and is irresponsible to the environment. The loud exhaust is also very disturbing. The most important thing is that this kind of behavior is undoubtedly dangerous in the case of more and more stringent automobile regulations in various countries! If you just modify the tail drum that is slightly louder than the original factory, I think it is still advisable to create an atmosphere without affecting others or bombing the street.

If you want to transform the power of the car and keep the car in compliance, you may wish to make a choice when choosing a catalytic converter.

batch order for catalytics

(For more articles about the catalytic converter, please check the previous content:

What is the difference between 200, 300 and 400 CPSI of catalytic converter;

Cold knowledge: your three-way catalytic converter is "worth a thousand dollars"

2)Change the xenon lamp without lens:

It is tantamount to killing, and firmly oppose it.

3)The taillights are too dark:

It is not a big problem to paste it a little bit darkly, and too dark will affect driving safety.

4)Cross-country vehicles are changed to front and rear iron bars:

Give up collision protection for pedestrians.

Influence yourself:

1)Modification of the racing wheel without multi-point seat belts:

If the multi-point seat belt is not used, the use of an airbagless steering wheel will reduce the safety factor.

2)Blindly increase the power, the braking system can not keep up:

I couldn't stop running fast, but...

3)Inferior knockoff wheels:

Increase security risks.

4)Rushly modify the wiring in the car and add additional electrical appliances:

Increase the potential safety hazards.

(If you want a comfortable car, you naturally have to follow the original factory reserved lines and interfaces. Smart devices that can't do this can be said to be a bit far from the "boutique".)

In fact, car modification is not simply a wiring problem. It actually responds to the "fitting" problem of the modified accessories, ranging from the system to the pedal. If it is not produced by the original factory for the corresponding model, you can directly say“NO”when you choose it.


(Mature brands usually carry out positioning and quality inspections for products to ensure product fit)

(Whether the brand is professional, guide the article:When the big factory begins to fight, If you still wait and see, you will miss the opportunity.)

5、Brake caliper set:

Increase security risks.

Although car modification is a very personal matter, if it is too capricious, it seems wrong! Exactly how to modify, just look at the topic of this issue on the Internet, our content this month is to teach you the method!

☛┃What kind of car is suitable for modification?


Combined with the current mainstream modification ideas on the market, it is roughly divided into styling modification, interior modification, racing modification and off-road modification. Knowing the direction of modification, it is not difficult to screen the basic models for the way you want to modify. So simply summarize a few points, you can refer to: sporty shape, excellent power, stable chassis, excellent grip...

In fact, any car can be fine-tuned. If there is a big change, no matter how good a car meets a "quack doctor", it will be hanged! Everyone is very concerned about what kind of cars are suitable for modification, or are looking forward to dividing a standard for cars that can be modified. In fact, the more details are nothing more than "what products can I choose?" The source of the crux is often that the public actively chooses and passively accepts ~~ Understanding a brand and accepting a brand, there is a lot of uncertainty between choosing a brand. And different brands give the market a wide range of information, which makes the public even more panic~~

So there is the issue of "serviceability" that we keep emphasizing. The brand should not simply be a product supplier, but should become a friend of the public, sharing every part of the car's growth. To provide the public with the most authentic and reliable information, the most valuable solutions, and the most down-to-earth and reliable service.


(Past content:GRWA Customer Service Center-‘Customer First’


No modification, no tide --please yourself with a Christmas gift

In November, we mentioned in the Christmas trailer that we would give ourselves a reward in the last month of 2021. In a blink of an eye, the joy of Christmas has not yet dissipated, and 2021 has already waved goodbye. This is the last article of the GRWA brand that will be pushed in 2021.

Looking back over the past year, we have talked about various product knowledge, popular science of automobile brands, various quality inspection/factory/production displays, taking everyone to experience new trend products, and visiting different modified auto shows...

In the last month of 2021, we started the topic of "a serious chat and modification". Many friends watched it, and some friends left messages. In short, no matter the past, we have to say hello to 2022.


Looking back on the year, we have become closer with our old friends and we have also met many new friends. We know each other through words. If you still think our articles make you like them, then we will meet in 2022 and continue to travel far and wide. The words intersect.

Hello, this is GRWA


If you want to know more about me, please click on the link and let our fate never end!

See you in 2022~~


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