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GRWA customer consultants were busy early morning for the coming orders

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Today, as usual, GRWA customer consultant Linda came to the company early in the morning to turn on the computer, made a cup of tea, and opened the mailbox casually, and then received more than 40 unread emails that disturbed her thoughts in just one night. This situation has been going on for a long time. Linda took a sip of tea and started to deal with work enthusiastically.



Not surprisingly, several e-mails about credit insurance orders were opened, all of which were directly purchased by customers. Linda has become accustomed to handling orders for various catalytic converters recently, because the market demand for this product continues to grow and it has been selling well for a long time. 

The same situation is happening to GRWA's other customer consultants. Ellie, who is in charge of the European market, has just delivered 1,000  catalytic converters, and immediately after 2,500 orders have been shipped to the port.


Customers often ask: Are there any products in your family that sell well in the market?

I think the uninterrupted orders from North America, South America, and Europe show that the GRWA series catalytic converters are the most popular models that have been tested by the market.


Why are the catalytic converters under the GRWA brand so popular?

1、Complete categories

GRWA has a rich variety of three-way catalytic converters and  carriers, covering general-purpose models, special car models, diesel models (DOC, DPF), etc. The rich product categories meet the diverse needs of different customers, especially for large-scale global markets. For medium-sized customers, it eliminates the need for multiple purchases and multiple communications, saving time and communication costs. 


2、High output, fast delivery

GRWA owns an exclusive Catalytic converter factory, mature technology,modern production equipment, supporting production lines, smooth product production, and a stable production capacity of 1500-1800 per day on average, so it can fully respond to a large number of orders. For customers, product orders can be scheduled for production in time, and the production process can be fed back by customer consultants at any time. Customers can know the progress of their products at any time, with peace of mind and peace of mind. In addition, sufficient production capacity can greatly guarantee the delivery time, which is convenient for customers to carry out corresponding marketing activities for their markets, and helps customers to grasp each marketing node in time.


3、High quality

An important reason why GRWA's Catalytic converter are favored by customers is that the factory is equipped with a testing laboratory with industry-leading standards, and the products shipped out of the factory undergo rigorous testing experiments to ensure the quality of the products. 

Its "G-ONE Automotive Laboratory" is responsible for the R&D, experimentation, and testing functions of GRWA's products. It is a strong guarantee for the quality of GRWA's products, and it is also the pioneer and backing for the practice of GRWA's "Precise Workmanship" product service concept. GRWA's respect for product quality, rigorous heart for customer service, and responsibility for industry standards are an important manifestation of GRWA. Routine test items include: impact test, air tightness test, salt spray test, sound effect test, load test, fixture test, etc.


4、Competitive price

A very important reason why GRWA’s catalytic converter are loved by customers is "reasonable and relatively stable prices." We have previously pushed an article about precious metals. Today, global precious metals are still rising. Due to the impact of the epidemic, some countries or regions with intensive production and processing enterprises cannot guarantee the supply of products, resulting in a decrease in the total amount of global catalytic converter. Corresponding to the increasing market demand, the overall price of ternary products continues to rise. 

However, as an old auto parts service group, GRWA has improved the system and advanced management. Over the years, with its reputation and reputation, it has stable cooperative customers and a stable and mature raw material supply chain, which greatly balances the overall catalytic converter products price.

The externally launched catalytic converter with competitive prices ensure that customers have sufficient profit margins after choosing GRWA's products.




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