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I believe that many car lovers have experienced the same thing. A component of the car system was damaged. When I went to a repair point for repairs, I was told that the entire pipeline including Sanyuan was replaced. If you have the same experience, then you must know which product I am going to give you popular science today.

Yes, today I will give you a brief talk about a key component in the car exhaust system-Flexible pipes.


What is a flexible pipes and what does it do?

Automobile exhaust flexible pipes is also called automobile exhaust pipe hose. It is installed in the exhaust pipe between the exhaust branch pipe of the automobile engine and the muffler, so that the entire exhaust system is flexibly connected, thereby reducing vibration and noise, It facilitates installation and prolongs the life of the exhaust muffler system. It is mainly used in light vehicles, mini vehicles and passenger cars. Its structure is a double-layer corrugated tube with a steel mesh sleeve outside, and a structure with straight edges at both ends of the outer sleeve. In order to make the noise reduction effect better, the flexible pipes can be equipped with expansion and contraction,section or net set.

Flexible pipes are an important part of any front-wheel drive vehicle and most all-wheel drive vehicles. On front-wheel cars, because the motor is installed horizontally, when you accelerate, the motor will shake, and the flexible pipes can protect your exhaust system from damage. If there is no additional bending, the rocking motion can rupture the exhaust system, causing serious leakage.


The damage of the flexible pipes is divided into several situations.

Sometimes you will easily notice the damaged flexible pipes. At the beginning, you may hear a slight exhaust leak when your car starts, but in many cases the sound will disappear because the flexible pipes is not completely damage. But when it completely loses its effect, you will know immediately. Most flexible pipes will break from the inside, and the sound of the car at this time is as if you have not installed any exhaust devices.

In addition, the possible cause of the flexible pipes leakage may be caused by your car's chassis bottoming out and tearing the outer protective net to scrape a hole in the flexible pipes, or it may just be damaged due to product deterioration.

The following is a comparison example of the appearance of the damaged flexible pipes and the new flexible pipes:


Some friends will ask whether car exhaust really needs this product, the answer is yes! Failure to install the flexible pipes will severely damage your exhaust system, such as damaging bolts, flanges, and even the exhaust manifold itself. It may take us less than half an hour to install a new flexible pipes. Therefore, it only takes half an hour for us to drive safely and do what we need to do without worrying about being stopped by the traffic police and no need to worry about annual inspections. but.


As mentioned at the beginning, if you don’t understand flexible pipes, when your car has a problem, many exhaust shops want you to replace the entire exhaust part, most of which include catalytic converters, and can be very expensive and time consuming.

But as long as you pay attention to GRWA and have contact with any service staff under the brand, you will know that this is not the case! All of our media have published a short video about how to cut off the old flexible pipes and weld the new ones.

Note: The above animation is a screenshot of the video. If you want to watch the complete video, you can add a personal media account that follows any service staff under GRWA.

But if you are an auto parts agent, you must know the basic application of flexible pipes very well, but I want to focus on introducing you to several reasons for choosing GRWA flexible pipes as your product reserve:

1. The most significant feature of our flexible pipes is the dense wave number, which can bring good shock absorption flexibility;

2. There are two layers in the middle, the thickness is 0.25mm and 0.28mm respectively, double-layer protection, good flexibility, not easy to break;


3. The internal processing is smooth, without burrs and thorns, ensuring unobstructed air flow and stable sound effects;

4. Exquisite workmanship, advanced equipment, 12-strand steel wire woven mesh, improve the overall performance of the product;


5. Strict testing, adopting "6A quality inspection method", any defective products are not allowed to leave the factory;



In addition to a single flexible pipes, GRWA will also provide downspouts, mufflers, manifolds, etc. of various car brands including flexible pipes...

In summary, the product system is very rich and diverse!

In short, as long as you are interested, you can always choose the products you want in our product catalog.

The most important point is that we have an independent R&D and design team, with drawing capabilities, and accept your customized services for any products related to automotive exhaust systems.


Finally, I would like to recommend new products that are currently on sale!

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