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Reasons of Failed Catalytic Converters

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Car–fancier know that the three-way catalytic converter usually starts from the breakdown of the vehicle. It's not cheap to change to a new one, ranging from a few hundred to as many as tens of thousands.

What is the use of three-way catalytic converters for everyone today? Why is it expensive? How to change less damage but spend less money?

What is the use?

Car–fancier can simply understand the three-way catalytic converter as an "environmental protection device" on the vehicle.

In recent years, air pollution has been paid more and more attention, and the requirements of national emission standards have become higher and higher. Three-way catalysts have become more important-in simple terms, inhaling harmful gases and spitting out harmless gases.

The purifier in the three-way catalytic converter will enhance the activity of the three gases CO, HC and NOx in the exhaust gas of the car, and promote a certain oxidation-reduction reaction, which will eventually become a harmless gas.

Why is it expensive?

Everyone who has changed it knows that the three-way catalytic converter is really expensive.

Some cars are replaced with a new price of tens of thousands of yuan, which may be equivalent to one-tenth of the money for the car.

There are two reasons why it is so expensive.

One is because it contains precious metals.

The three-way catalytic converter is generally composed of a shell, a cushion, a carrier and a catalyst coating.

Among them, rare metals such as Pt (platinum), Rh (rhodium), Pd (palladium), and rare earth metals including Ce (cerium) and La (lanthanum) are used in the material of the catalyst coating.

This is why someone specifically recycles three-way catalytic converters.

It is also the reason why the old three-way catalytic converters will be taken away by the old and knowledgeable drivers after replacing the new ones.


The second is because the production technology is very demanding.

There are not many manufacturers that can produce high-quality three-way catalytic converters on the market, so the price of three-way catalytic converters has also been increased.

Of course, there are also low-priced three-way catalytic converters. Car–fancier should pay attention to the fact that low-quality three-way catalytic converters will not only cause negative effects on the vehicle power and fuel consumption, but also affect vehicle inspection.

And the service life will be greatly shortened, and the overall cost will be a lot.



The common faults of the three-way catalytic converter are:

1. The fault light is on, the general fault code is P0420 or P0421 (representing low conversion efficiency)

2. Excessive exhaust gas affects vehicle inspection

3. Blockage will cause slow acceleration and poor power of the vehicle

4. Other problems, such as abnormal noise, melting, cracking, falling off

We consider the cause of the failure from three aspects:

The first is the fuel quality. Lead and sulfur in the fuel and phosphorus and zinc in the lubricating oil will cause greater harm to the three-way catalyst.

Among them, lead is the most harmful.

Studies have shown that even if only one box of leaded gasoline has been used, the three-way catalytic converter will be seriously ineffective.

However, our country has already achieved lead-free gasoline for cars, and there is no need for car fans to worry about this.

Secondly, engine failures must be considered, such as engine misfire, excessively thick or thin air mixture, and engine burning oil, which will also have a serious impact on the three-way catalytic converter.

The last is the design life. There is no serious failure of the three-way catalytic converter in the use of vehicles. It can be used to naturally age and save a lot of troubles for the riders.

If you have a "three-way catalytic converter" demand, you may wish to consider the imported brand GRWA.

First of all, it is one of the few domestic brands with the production capacity of three-way catalytic converters. It is equipped with an independent factory, exquisite material selection, and excellent performance and vehicle emission tests.

Secondly, it pays attention to the research and development of new products, the product level is rich, 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 400 mesh are all produced and sold, ceramic carrier and metal carrier, different models, sizes, and car series can meet.

If you have a large demand, it can also help you achieve cost savings and ensure quality, which is a good choice for your benefit improvement.

Choose GRWA to extend the design life, so that the "three-way catalytic converter" will not be troubled by quality.




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